The License to Hunt Pretty Boys

Besides rewatching classics like Saber Marionette J, J Again, and Toradora, got this week’s pile watched through:

This is 88.5 WSVL, all classical Russian, all the time, with your overnight host, DJ Rocket Launcher
She means serious night patrol business, kids.

Strike Witches 2 06: A lot of series use the “monster of the week” trope to stall the plot until Mid-Boss, Big-Boss, Big Bad, or What a Twist! comes up, but often a variation of that is to make the monsters momentarily hard to beat until the heroes find a way to overcome their weaknesses and beat it. This episode does just that as a Neuroi with a core INNNNNNNNNN– SPAAAAAAAAAAAAACE proves hard for the 501st Pantsu Witches to tackle as their Striker Units top out at a certain altitude, much like airplanes do. But for Eila, who uses her future-sight to fight and never uses a shield, has to learn how to so she can stay close to Sanya to carry out the mission. Awwwww. Also, what’s with the censorship here? Hoping the DVD version removes that shit, if I have to have loli furries, the least they can do is throw in some fanservice.

Without Taiga, she could just win Saimoe 2010
If a Yui falls in the forest, will anyone notice?

K-ON!! 19: Romeo and Juliet, played by Ritsu and Mio. Cute, but of course you get secondary focus on Azunyan and Ui again this episode, which is fine, as Azunyan contributes the most to why I watch this show, and Ui is the smarter of the sisters. The next episode is the performance, or most likely, either the performance and then CAKECAKECAKE or vice-versa. I like K-ON!!, it’s a fun show, but sometimes you can get bored watching the same thing episode after episode. We get it, they eat cake and drink tea. Can’t you guys like, go bowling or something? They should do an anime about four girls in America and what they do in a high school club. Wait, that would be the worst fucking idea in the world, I take that back. MOE PLZ. Ugh. I can’t believe I typed that.

Seriously though, the more this kid grows a pair, the more badass this series gets
Morino. Ryoushi Morino. If you touch my woman again, I'll skullfuck you to sleep.

Ookami-san 07: Much like Index/Railgun, this series excels at being funny, cute, random, and badass when it needs to be. They seem to be setting us up for some sort of Law and Order: SVU premise in that Ryouko was probably raped by this pretty boy dude and rather than be called a slut forever, left and came to where she is now and buried herself under tough-guy emotions, which Ryoushi and Ringo are trying to resurrect. Since rape is not funny, naturally we’re gonna side with Ryoushi because the other guy is a dick and THE PLOT SAYS SO. Oh, and B.B Hood is a sneaky, sneaky girl.

AssistDroids sounds like an app on the Android Market. Bet some eleven will make one.
We're missing Trinity? Eh, we'll find her later. You two have a date with a pair of gun-loving tits, I'm gonna watch MANLY STORIES with my pair.

Asobi ni Iku Yo 05: Nothing like a boat full of wannabe-furries capturing an alien furry and a dull human to cause an episode where the other two girls after said human’s balls to come to the rescue wearing bunny-girl outfits while on a speed boat with another boat with androids that can /meltface while on the ocean with a filmcrew filming and–


I’m on a blog.

Saimoe 2010 shit continues on 8/16 (which is tomorrow for us) with Groups B and C. Already my SKITTLES PLAN is going ACCORDING TO PLAN having only failed 4 predictions so far. Hit the sidebar for more info, most of the details can be found on my Google Sites page now, but if you like spreadsheets, there’s one there too.

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