Several more series wrapped up in the past week, and mixed results really. Tired as hell though, so I am keeping this brief:

Proof that characters named Ruri are the only redeaming feature of a show
oh you Ruri-- IMEAN Kuroneko, you and your cute cat... ness...

Ore no Imouto was… shall we say… sufficient. The series had some genuinely great moments, such as Kyousuke taking the hit for his sister with their dad GENDO, any Kuroneko scene, and a few other choice moments, but the one thing that bothered me throughout this series is the fact that it jumped around from place to place without established how or why they got there in the first place. I know this is probably one of those “All in the Manual” sort of things, and they even make slight pokes at it along the way, but like the LN/anime episode, it lasts for one episode and is never mentioned before or after again except once or twice by Kuroneko.

I had no glorious expectations of this, not like Kampfer which I thought was going to go somewhere and turned into shit (and they made more of apparently) and that’s the sort of vibe I get here, it’s like they’re using anime to test audience reactions to certain elements so they can spin a second season featuring just those elements. Then there is the whole Siscon thing. I will not get into the giant /a/ arguments or all, but really, the only people who have a Siscon are people who don’t have a sister. Debate it how you wish, but I have a younger sister and good fucking lord, Kirino reminds me exactly of the same shit, that same self-serving superiority complex all the time, until she realizes she needs help and goes all dere-dere for it. I ended up not liking Kirino by the end and going to Kuroneko, because despite not having the luxary of time and money like the other two girls, she puts effort into everything, from her sisters and home to her outfits and writing.

Title: Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai
Sub Group I Watched: Mazui
Episodes: 12
Rating (1-10): 6

Favorite Character: Ruri “Kuroneko” Gokou
Least Favorite Character: Kirino Kousaka
Favorite SHIPPING: Kyosuke/Ruri or Kyosuke/Manami
Tsun: Kirino
Dere: Manami “Neighbor-girl” Tamura
FANTASTIC Troll: Saori Makishima for in fact being RICH TIER the entire time and dressing like that tall glasses dude from Comic Party

I was afraid for a few minutes
Woah wait... wat? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO~ de geso~

Ika Musume was simply light-hearted fun, and that’s all it needed to be. One of the nice things about SoL genre anime is that when your level of expectation is set so that you know you are getting three mini-episodes of Ika and friends doing a random event, it was like watching Orson and the farm animals in the Garfield short series US Farm where for 7 minutes or whatever long it was, you got a fairly short buildup, and then punchline, like a comic. You don’t expect story, plot, GRIMDARK, or anything else, just a simple comedy, and it worked. Ika Musume is definitely among my top of this season, and maybe top of the year (TBD) Case in point, you aren’t missing the world, but give this show a watch, you’ll love it.

One of the fine anons of -a- made this in my chart thread. I don't feel the need to modify it any further.

Title: Shinryaku! Ika Musume,
Sub Group I Watched: FFFpeeps
Episodes: 12
Rating (1-10): 8

Favorite Character: Ika Musume and Chizuru Aizawa
Least Favorite Character: Cindy Campbell
Best Tag-Line of 2010: YAYIFICATIONS!
Most Annoying Letters Said Every Fifteen Seconds: MIT

How thoughtful of her to throw someone else a party

MM!… well, I can’t say I expected a whole lot from this series, but I felt its ending could have been better. It seemed to liberally walk the line between a story of some sort and just an excuse to beat the shit out of a masochist for 25 minutes a week. What I think was the saving grace was the cast of characters, even though they were molds of popular archetypes seen in anime before (flatchested tsundere, big-tits has-a-crush-on-the-MC, loli, etc.) they gave tits “Inami’s Curse” (because that was popular last season) and made the MC’s best male friend a cross-dressing rich ladyboy. There was also a crafty Ruri Hoshino reference if you were looking halfway through the series. The one thing that did make this series awesome in the first half was a male MC who actually defended the girl and went SUPER PUNCH OUT on a kid who raped her. That’s serious shit son, usually we get Shinji-like shitty MC’s who let the tsundere girl do all the work.

Overall, it was decent, but unless you’re simply interested in a casual watch, don’t go running for the torrents quickly or anything.

I have no chart made up for this. Eh.

Title: MM!
Sub Group I Watched: Ryuumaru
Episodes: 12
Rating (1-10): 7

Favorite Character: Arashiko Yuno
Least Favorite Character: Yumi Mamiya
I See What You Did There: Episode 11 with Sado and his mother and sister. Fortunately I do draw a line with my fetishes.
FRIEND ZONES: Sado and Mio/Arashiko, Noa and Yukinojo, Arashiko and Yumi, Tatsukichi and Yumi

Ending this weekend is Soredemo Maid, Panty and Stocking (MY BODY ISN’T READY), followed by Zakuro next week. Starting Friday January 7th, 2011 is the premiere of Winter 2011 with Infinite Stratos, Mahō Shōjo Madoka Magica, and Index II continuing its second half, followed by GOSICK on 1/8,
Oniichan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne—!!
on 1/9, and Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? on 1/11. No word on the other airings for stuff I have listed. In the meantime, there will be one more post on the last of this season, and a wrap-up of this season including top and bottom favorites, and highlights of the 2010 season… of what I watched. If you want your own tastes, start your own blog. But feel free to leave your favorite moments from what you watched in the comments section.

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