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Two more series to review tonight in the middle of the Northeast Blizzard, and one of them is a doozy:

When you see it...
Your eyes are on Garterbelt, aren't they?

Panty and Stocking ended with a shitstorm of activity on /a/ with everything from “LOL GAINAX END” to the mentions of a second season, and all of the introspection inbetween about the characters and all in the final episode.


Panty got her angel powers back by jumping Brief’s key-dick after all, and proceeded to fight with Scanty and Kneesocks, when Stocking comes back to make it an even fight. Corset kills Garterbelt, seizes the demon sisters, and turns into a huge monster, and the two counter with Chuck’s monster form. Eventually the angels form a giant weapon that fires into the heavens and a Monty Python-esque bottom half of a women with panties, stocking, and a garterbelt on destroys Corset. Garterbelt comes back alive, because it was established in his episode previously that he cannot until his mission is fulfilled, and apparently it isn’t. Upon getting back to the church, Stocking makes a comment about angel weapons harming angels and slices Panty into little pieces. Corset somehow appears from Brief’s dick and the two + Panty pieces run off to the next town over to re-create the gate, leaving Garterbelt, Brief, Scanty, and Kneesocks there to hold their mouths open and wonder what happened.

The fun part about this ending was they deliberately mention a second season in the last frame, and Gainax is not known for second seasons, leading some to believe they are trolling. Most people though don’t take much stock in just about anything they have done with this series so far, I mean, it’s a 13 episode 2 part series of episodic adventures, parodies, and homages to American and Japanese animation as well as popular culture. Obvious styles are The Powerpuff Girls, Ren & Stimpy, South Park, and many Adult Swim series. The characters are largely without any real merit to them, constantly swearing and doing lewd things, there is a loose story about what the angels objective is and who stands in their way, but if you’ve seen any of those cartoons above, or any cartoons ever, you know that even with a central underlying story, an episode can blow the whole town up, and reset it in the next episode. It’s like The Simpsons, the show has been on for over two decades and Bart and Lisa are the same age, save for alternate reality episodes. Short-order gags are the specialty here, and Gainax can very well come on the air next week and say LOL GUYS WE LIED, EVERYTHING IS BACK TO NORMAL and that’d be it. So really, reading into this beyond the scope of itself is silly.

Title: Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt
Sub Group I Watched: Horrible
Episodes: 12
Rating (1-10): 7

Favorite Character: Kneesocks, Upgraded Brief
Least Favorite Character: Corset
Favorite SHIPPING: Stocking and cake
Angels or Demons? Demons. Panty was annoying as fuck until the last couple episodes.
Least Favorite Aspect of the PSG Fans on /a/: Fucking comparing EVERYTHING to Eva, Gurran Lagann, and FLCL. You do know Gainax made other anime and FFS, GL is NOT a FUCKING MASTERPIECE you fucks. Fuck.

Now this was master trolling right here.
Dying would be a serious problem, no?

Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru ended on a rather interesting note, and without spoiling the ending for you beyond that screenshot, it was a rather interesting way to end, even if they intend to go another season down the road. I must say, I initially didn’t think much of this series, but as I contiuned to watch, it got much better, and while not FUCKING AWESOME it retains the title of being pleasantly surprising on many levels. Really, even though it was a SoL anime, it didn’t play off like K-ON! or Lucky Star did, where you had to draw the viewer in with anime or game references, it retained its own style and rolled with it.

I’d give it a watch at the very least, but I can understand if someone drops it after the first few.

Title: Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru
Sub Group I Watched: gg
Episodes: 12
Rating (1-10): 7

Favorite Character: Toshiko Tatsuno
Least Favorite Character: Harue Haribara (could NOT get over those teeth)
What Kind of a Name For a Dog… is Josephine?
Hottest Looking Character in a Maid Outfit Toshiko Tatsuno
Hottest Looking Character Not in a Maid Outfit: Kon Futaba

The last series on my list to end this week is Otome Youkai Zakuro, new year starts next week. Index and SRW continue on, I’ll update on those later this week.

Back to my snow storm and pokemons.

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