Only For a Brief Moment, and the Moment’s Gone

So two series end their runs this week, Sora no Otoshimono: Forte, which is contained in this post, and MM! which airs tomorrow (today) and will either get updated to this post or saved for the next.

has to compensate for lack of tits somehow
Wings make her a MASTER HACKER

Sora no Otoshimono: Forte overall is an excellent series, based on excellent source material, which I hope to get my hands on to read. The thing is, you have to appreciate the LOL SO RANDOM hijinks that involve Tomoki throughout both series to enjoy the full effect, and that got troublesome for me. If they made this whole season about random wacky hijinks, it’d be one thing, but they troll you very well by hooking you into real plot segments throughout, only to go back to what they were doing. The last episode made me feel disappointed, and well, I forgot it was even the last episode until I looked. I’m glad Nymph got her wings back and Chaos turned over to the good side, but leading everything up to a movie is just a cheap move I felt. Fortunately, this chart I designed after an old /m/ chart on Gundam 00 describes how I felt through the series overall:

SnOF Chart

Either a better final episode could have been done, some plot points tied up so we don’t have to wait for the movie to explain them (if they do) or simply make the whole thing about Tomoki’s perversions, I would give it a better score in my mind.

Title: Sora no Otoshimono: Forte
Sub Group I Watched: Horriblesubs
Episodes: 12
Rating (1-10): 7

Favorite Character: Mikako Satsukitane
Favorite Angeloid: Ikaros
Least Favorite Character: Sohara Mitsuki
Least Favorite Angeloid: Chaos
Favorite Prez Event: Tit Fishing
Obligatory Troll: Tomoki Sakurai
Best Non-Human Character: Pantsurobo

It's like the goddamn story of Robin Hood now
Come on, who didn't see this coming? Anyone?

Panty and Stocking 12: Shiiiiiiiiit son, when I thought this series had hit it’s all-time low for shitty episodes in the past several, not only did they do a successful Demon Sister episode, they successful troll is successful you in the first half by making you watch a recap of previous monsters. I am not going to spoil the second half for you, but let me tell you, my body wasn’t ready. At all. I also might’ve D’AWWWWWWWWW’d a bit.

Wow, these two should TOTALLY get together, it'd be like watching paint dry.

Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru 11: Oh, the raccoon dog, I can’t remember if it was named from the start of the series, but POKO~ it’s name is Josephine? Strange name for a dog. Anyway, the episode was pretty routine for the series, but this bit of comedy from the end was rather amusing. Poor Tatsuno, seems Fisherman Boy has a crush on Hotori and her charming retardedness and not Tatsuno’s tits. Well, to each their own I suppose. Last episode next week.

It's official. Zakuro's tsundere comes from her mother.

Otome Youkai Zakuro 11: this series won’t stop being awesome, and that is keeping it in the number two spot this season under Super Robot Wars for being fuckshit awesome. A lot of SPOILERS are learned in this episode so I will keep my mouth shut, but this series is setting it’s final two episodes up for awesome on a stick. My body won’t be ready.

With Christmas coming up I will likely not update next week unless I get bored, but I’ll do an update around New Years after the final episode of this season, Zakuro 13 and Ika Musume 13 air on the 27th. Index and SRW carry over into the next season, and I believe one series is starting next week or the week after, forget which. Current list remains current on the left. Also have Arakawa Under the Bridge and it’s sequel on the back-burner, I hopefully will be completeing the upgrades to the XBMC box in the front room in the next two weeks, so I’ll take advantage of that to knock those out.

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