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I would have had this up yesterday, but having to drive back and forth from the next state up and other preparations for our party that I was up until 3am, I downloaded the episodes and gave them a watch today. Oh boy.


Puella Magi Madoka Magica which will be known on this blog simply as Madoka looks to be a very interesting spin on magical girl meets Alice in Wonderland, from the looks of it. I was expecting something closer to Nanoha, and I thought that was going to be the case until they changed the game and presented us with something that almost could have made Kampfer so much better (hint: ACTUAL PLOT). I am very much interested to see where this goes, and the art style looks pretty interesting too, like some crazy acid trip that would have been awesome had I ever been on drugs.

TLDR Watch This: Magical Girls, dark DEEP Magical Girls, that crazy best friend Magical Girl, oh and Magical Girls
TLDR Don’t Watch This: Magical Girls.
Sub Group: gg
First Rating: 7

Totally what I do when I get bored

GOSICK spends the first maybe five minutes setting up your scene with some crazy voodoo magic, the main character, the main female character, and Ace Ventura: Weeaboo Detective. However, GOSICK I feel is going to be much like Zakuro was for me last season, a series that spent the first few episodes sleeping and then woke the fuck up to bring home the bacon later on. Victorica is essentially Sherlock Holmes and Kazuya is Watson, in what will no doubt be a 20’s style mystery-comedy that I can dig.

TLDR Watch This: tsunderes, mysteries that don’t involve a gay, lesbian, geek, stoner, and a dog, potential quality (not to be confused with QUALITY)
TLDR Don’t Watch This: You actually thought I meant Jim Carrey when I said Ace Ventura.
Sub Group: Horriblesubs
First Rating: 7

Haters gonna hate
A typical non-incest related scene

Onii-chan no Koto nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne!! which will be known here at Oniichan no Koto, I thought was going to be the reverse of Ore no Imouto, and turned out to be waaaay different, and waaay worse. I’m not sure what to make of it. Instead of reversing the brother-sister love-hate they decided to get in all of the Brocon they could before BANNED IN TOKYO takes effect. Unfortunately, they decided to implement the TWIST in the beginning of the series and tell you she was adopted, ruining her dream of having an illegitimate relationship with a blood-related brother, but opening up a legitimate one. Oh, he’s also a huge pervert and A CHALLENGER APPEARS at the end of the episode. So expect this to be a lot of WACKY HIJINKS, SoL, and whatever else. As for why I am giving it a starting rating of six, honestly, Ore no Imouto really got stale on me towards the end of it, and I feel that in compensation, this series tried really hard to open waaaaay over the top in both story and visual art style. I wavered between six and seven, and settled for six. We’ll see how far this trainwreck goes. I haven’t had to drop a series since B Gata H Kei for being fucking pointless, even for a sex-driven situational comedy. I would hope not to have to do so again.

TLDR Watch This: You loved Ore no Imouto and wanted to see what Kirino was like in the Alternate Universe, perverted SoL comedies, your sister was adopted/not your real sister, in before BANNED IN TOKYO
TLDR Don’t Watch This: Out before BANNED IN TOKYO, lack of Kuroneko, etc.
Sub Group: Ayako-Shikkaku
First Rating: 6

In queue for this week is Gundam 00: Path to the Trailblazer which I started watching a little of the badly subbed 480p video at work on Friday and will finish up tonight/tomorrow with the gSS version. It looks pretty visually awesome and interesting, the plot seems a little flimsy, but given the last season of the anime, it will probably be par for course. I also grabbed a title by the name of King of Thorn that a twitterbro mentioned a couple days ago and in reading the MAL synopsis, looked interesting enough to warrant a watch. Aside from that, Zombie desu Ka tomorrow or Tuesday, and possibly make around and see what else I need to pick up and watch, or start from this season. Drop some recommendations if you like.

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