GRIMDARK in MY animu?

I can summarize this week’s Madoka in two twitter posts, but the impact of this episode has started a fire that only the GENTLEMEN OF /a/ can possibly tame.

cake anyone?
Setting a record only Tomino could break

Madoka 03 shows us why this series is not your run-of-the-mill Magical Girl series, and in fact plays for keeps. I’d like to write this without spoils, but frankly if you’ve been to /a/ in the last hour, you’ll know anyway, and I can’t avoid it if I want to discuss it.

Mami dies.


Towards the end of the episode, she basically rushes in to fight the witch who had just appeared. Without really figuring out what the witch was doing or who is might’ve come from in the hospital, she immediately went to kill it off. SOME ARGUE that this is where her character drastically changes compared to the previous episodes, she was seen as a mostly kind oujosama to Madoka and Sayaka, even when warning them of the dangers of becoming a Puella Magi, but in this episode, she highlights how she became a Magi, which is a source of her discontent and possible showy recklessness when fighting, as well as warning Madoka and Sayaka about what they should wish for. Her threats against Homura also seemed to highlight the instability in her character, all leading up to the end where she in fact appears to have lost against the witch, which Homura defeats.

A lot of shit is going around /a/ about Mami’s significance in the series. Three episodes is short for a character, and believe she is not dead, but that she will either remain somewhere else, come back to life, or even become a witch and end up facing Madoka and the others. Another anon brought up an interesting parallel, what if she becomes Madoka’s Obi-Wan, where even in death she exists in spirit to continue to guide Madoka even after she decides to become a Magi.

if I see that fucking cat ONE MORE TIME...
Another anon drew similarities between Kyubey and the Emperor, and how he promised Madoka her power would be greater than Mami’s, perhaps greater than all. Many speculate that he has a secret agenda in the series because of how we runs around getting girls to become Puella Magi, which is either a crafty plot, or he is just a helluva salesman in getting girls to switch to his Avon product line of makeup and Magical Girl clothes. As for Mami, while I will miss her UNLIMITED GUN WORKS, I will be okay with her not being an active character, I think this might be the sign they want to push Homura up perhaps.

Either way, this is becoming one hell of a series, and I know why it is among my top three this season.


Rules One and Two of Kore wa Zombie 02, you don’t talk about death, and you DON’T talk about death. Eu apparently does not take kindly to death, despite being a Necromancer and responsible for turning Ayumu into a zombie. Apparently they met before he was stabbed to death and she found him interesting enough to save him and make him her servant. This episode introduces another character, a Vampire Ninja who fights Ayumu and loses by his arm essentially, but failing to become Eu’s servant, becomes his servant, even though she won’t act like it. Oh and +1 to his house harem, making him more powerful than SnO’s Tomoki and it isn’t even episode three yet.

The best part about this series is that Dyson Bladeless Fans are now canon and earlier in /a/ a most epic thread was forged merging /b/’s “Troll Physics” with Dyson fans, creating a few of the best mspaint shoops ever. Hell, if I had $300 bucks to piss away, I’d buy one of those fans just because. Wonder if they can be found somewhere on the cheap, I almost want to say I’ve seen them on Woot before once.

Anyway, tired as fuck and it looks like it will snow again tomorrow in this region. Not as if there isn’t already enough snow on the ground. I also lack a shovel and live in an apartment complex that doesn’t like to give a shit about the access roads until after, and it’s on a hill, fffuuuuu. Thankfully, I have the option of working from home since I work technical support for a software company, so you all enjoy your morning commute to work, I am going to sit in my PJs and take calls and hopefully get Infinite Stratos 03 subbed to watch. I saw the raw today streamed by TheFluff earlier on /a/ and seriously, 100% dere Britain, and incoming China and kicking the harem into the next stage? My Body Cannot Be This Ready.

One more Dyson Troll Physics for the road:

now you're thinking with PORTALS

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