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This season has been full of fun so far, far exceeding my expectations. But I won’t mince words, let’s get to what you might come back here for.

Neurotoxin. I can take a bath in this stuff.
No this isn't creepy at all. You're totally normal, man.

I don’t know wny, but I am enjoying Sankarea the most out of any show this season, probably because the OP reminds me of Hanasaku Iroha, I dunno. I knew from the beginning she would die somehow, to become Furuya’s Zombie Girl, but falling off the cliff and into the rock? Ouch. The Gasai Yuno-like quality though she exhibits in this episode is terribly awesome, though the rigor mortis at the end, makes me genuinely interested how that is going to resolve out in the next episode. Hell, I am interested to see if she will remain a zombie forever, or if her and Babu will eventually cease to be and become ex-parrots.

I mean seriously, her head is almost crotch level. That's convienient.
You thought Geass' noodle people were bad

My girlfriend walked in while I was watching the fourth episode of Lupin III – The Woman Called Mine Fujiko and said she didn’t like the animation style. She doesn’t tend to watch anything that has a old animation style or anything pre-2000s. It’s a shame, because there were a lot of great classic titles, but doesn’t have the same flair for this hobby as I do, so I don’t typically expect much. My memory of Lupin III is hazy at best, I don’t think I’ve ever sat down and watched the whole original show or movies in one sitting, something I might have to remedy some day. Nevertheless, Mine Fujiko is a very well made show and absolutely fun to watch, so even if you are like me and have little to no experience with Lupin, watch it anyway, because it’s fucking awesome how slutty she goes for the sake of the art.

Seriously, it's getting hot in here... oh...
Heil Frito

AGE-2 comes to a dramatic close as Frito has all of the Earth leaders who ever touched a Vegan hauled away for treason, solidifying his position as a man who continues to fight for the complete removal of the former Mars colonists. I plan to expand this into a larger post on AGE later after I’ve watched the first episode of AGE-3, but suffice to say, I have been pleased by AGE-2’s overall contribution to the story and am hoping that AGE-3 really yanks the chain and pulls hard to complete the story.

Ghost motorboat that shit, son
Ghost Tits? In my anime? Yes please.

Much like Sankarea, Otome X Amnesia also has been a fun watch in every way. The back-and-forth between serious scary story and light comedy makes for interesting fun in each episode. Probably the most fun is how only two of the three can see her, so she spares no expense in torturing Momoe for not being able to see her. Not sure how this story is going to pan out, it seems like a very straightforward story-of-the-week that exists to pull clues as to how she died, but no idea what the TWIST will be.

Bet some sicssoring happend below decks
Les Yay confirmed for my pirate anime

Here is a fun drinking game for this weeks Mouretsu Pirates, take a shot every time the name Jenny is spoken by a character, two shots for “Dolittle” being said, and three if Chiaki objects to whatever plan Marika has. You’ll be stone dead in a moment. Yes, the former club president is apparently up for a political marriage and it’s up to Lynn to hire Marika and the temporary crew of the Bentenmaru to help. It was a terrible fun episode, lesbian overtones aside, and I feel like this show doesn’t know how to have an off-week, almost every episode has something fun going on.

More like Snow Red, amirite?
Aw geez.

The plot thickens in this weeks Accel World as Kuroyukihime gets visibly jealous when Haru direct-links with Chiyuri to figure out if she is connected to Cyan Pile. While she turns out not to be Cyan, she has a back door installed on her neuro-linker, enabling someone else to see what she is seeing. Wrestling with thoughts of how she sees him, Haru ends up telling Kuroyukihime that he’d prefer she simply “use him” like most people do. She ends up confessing her love for him, and is hit by a car, but not before accelerating and pushing Haru out of the way with a special Level 9 skill. Now fighting for her life in the hospital, he vows to guard the network to keep anyone from challenging her. I found this episode pretty damn good, the best of the show so far, and as much as I want to make fun of the little piggy, I was that guy in school, and it sucked. Those feels. mahjong
The true face of terror

Things start to jump forward quite a bit in Saki: Achiga-hen as the team goes to the prefecture preliminaries and manages to take out rival Bansai High for a spot in the Nationals. From then on they chalenge second-place teams around the region for practice until they finally reach the Nationals. However, as they walk around, they notice a lot of top-level talent, and cross paths with Kiyosumi’s Miyanaga Saki, whom Koromo Amae had told them earlier she was beaten by. So many familiar faces in this episode, and it’s been a few years since I originally watched Saki, so I’m a bit out-of-touch with who is who, and I may need to give it a rewatch. The hot mahjong action hasn’t really ramped up to critical levels though, since they seem to be skimming along to get to the beef, so hopefully we’ll see that come out soon.

Fuck no, I ain't going anywhere

Oh Zombie Deskcar, you really know how to have some fun. Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka spends this week in the fanservice zone, in a little contest to see if the girls would fall for Ayumu in the maid cafe. Even the Ice Queen falls to Orito in the end. But really, it was all about the FMP model scene in the beginning, and you wonder why this show is so random about references and product placement. In fact, where has the Dyson Fan been?

Sorry Americanbros
Oh you can, Sig, you can indeed

The primary goal of Upotte! is cute girls firing guns. The secondary goal is likely to teach you something about guns. I don’t know much about them, outside of watching shows like Top Shot/Top Guns, and a few friends who shoot, but who gives a shit? It’s like watching K-ON! with guns. So essentially it’s like when I play Left 4 Dead 2. More or less.

My dark gods can't be this cute

It’s important to note that when watching Nyaruko-san you probably should just divorce yourself from the Cthutlu mythos and just focus on the fact that this is a fast-talking LOL SO RANDON show that is just funny, sometimes painfully, to watch. The monster-of-the-week gags and declarations of marriage just serve to provide entertainment for your pleasure. Batteries not included. Refrigerate after opening. Void where prohibited.

I mean seriously, how does she pack that shit down?
Arrrrr, tis not a MAN, tis an EATING machine

I’m beginning to think Medaka Box is GAINAX’s answer to Silver Link’s SKET Dance in a way, but I am finding myself still able to watch after four episodes, which I only got to eight on the other show. Medaka’s council gets their pretty boy who pretty much exists just for that, and Shiranui eating more food. I presume a real plot will emerge at some point.

Another week down, and many more to go. Perhaps I will remember to post here more often. Probably not though. I’ve been playing a lot of Disgaea lately, so savor the flavor.

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