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A kind anon on /w/ vectored this for me. I can't get enough Oka-face

Short post tonight, because I don’t feel like going through every show, truth be told, I bit off more than I could chew this season and fell behind on a few shows that weren’t high-priority to me. But first, lemme get some site news in order.

With this season entering the final few weeks and the next around the corner, it won’t be long before it is time for Saimoe, which will eat away at some of my bloggan for the summer. Between that, my job, and other ventures, I’m finding it a tad hard to keep regular updates here for the whole five of you that probably read it. So beginning next season, the WatchRanking feature introduced last winter will be eliminated, because I never bother to keep up on it. In its place I am trying to devise some kind of thing to basically show little headlines about the shows I am watching that I can update infrequently as I watch episodes and I don’t get around to blogging about them in a post. Kinda like Twitter, or rather Twitter-size bites, but in some uniform fashion. More on that when I flesh it out. Finally, my roster for next season may be slimmed down depending on the number of carry-over shows. Sixteen was a bad number, and with Saimoe around the corner, I want to keep my active watch list light, so if you’re expecting me to write about X show next season, it may not be until the end of the season and I marathon it. More on that when I figure that out.

Now then, two series to review, and some highlights from this past week:

With plate armor

To be honest, this show has no substance. No one likes it because it pretends to have substance, but is nothing more than a gag-of-the-week show with fanservice and voiceovers. But you know what, it’s still fun to watch, and if that makes me a shitty person, well, I never aimed high to begin with. Besides, as an important man once said, speed never killed anyone.. standing still, that’s what gets you.

Title: Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka of the Dead
Sub Group I Watched: Commie
Episodes: 10
Rating (1-10): 7

Favorite Character: Eu
Least Favorite Character: Orito
Favorite Vampire-Ninja: Tomonori
Waste of screen time: Chris aka THE MAGICAL FAIRY
Best character development: The Dyson Fan


I can only imagine the next logical step for this show would be to drop some dubstep in and make some awesome NOSCOPE videos as a means of making it just that much more awesome, but on its own, it’s actually quite an enjoyable show, even if I don’t really understand the point behind the city-wide firefight in the last two episodes. I called this show “Top Shot: The Anime” because it felt like I was watching The History Channel in Japan. Despite that, I have no doubt we’ll see more of this show down the road, maybe.

Title: Upotte!
Sub Group I Watched: Horrible
Episodes: 10
Rating (1-10): 7

Favorite Character: Sig
Least Favorite Character: Eru
The Japanese Teacher: I understand his role in the story, but that blood scene in the end.. wut?
LOL Guns and Japan: I’m told guns aren’t much of a thing in Japan, or at least compared to the US, makes me wonder what the target audience was on this show?
Second Season? Some kind of plot, or just more shootan? I wonder.

He's even more jaded than Frito

Well, this has certainly been a TWIST though not as much as it could have been. We’ve known for awhile that Asemu was going to be piloting the pirate AGE-2, but actually leading the pirates and being aware of Kio and Frito’s presence and roughing them up a bit, this certainly looks interesting. His motives seem to lie with the AGE Builder, but he doesn’t really elaborate on why, or why he is even part of the pirates. I can speculate a lot at this point, that his goals are opposite of his father’s or that he decided to lead the pirates for some other motive, but I’d like to think he didn’t just skip out on Kio and Romary’s life without some good reason, and /m/ speculah for awhile has been that Frito knew of his joining the pirates for a long time and neglected to tell Romary or Kio. Either way, the Asuno family is rightfully fucked up.

Hairplay, in MY animes, HNNNNGGGGGGG

Finally, the episode I had been waiting for in terms of OKA-FACE, the glorious hair-shaking scene which was just as much fun as the manga. One of the comments on the vector thread that cropped up after I posted some screens to request vectoring quipped about the show’s “drool” and how it was a bit disturbing to watch. I admit it was a bit weird in the beginning, but the more I read/watched, the more it became a minor mechanic to me and I was watching it for Urabe and Oka moments, among other things. Amusing how that works, really. Even feels like deja-vu, like I already wrote about this before…

It's like a rainbow during a storm
Oh Chiaki, you card

One of the fun things to do when watching this show is to look for signs of life in Chiaki, and when they occur, you shit bricks, because there are very few moments when the ice queen melts, so you have to savor the flavor. This show is winding down, and I admit I will miss it. It has a quality to it that reminds me of a more laid-back version of Outlaw Star, and may end up forcing me to re-watch Outlaw Star now that I mention it. Nevertheless, it looks like it will end on a pretty high note, and that’s saying a lot from the state of the animes these days.

Oh this is rich

Okay, I realize the show is almost over, but not only were we forced to wait a week last week to watch a bit about Mero and Friends, but this week pretty much cops out on the bastard’s backstory and how Aria was his second wife, his first being Rea’s mother, who was in a wheelchair. I know this show isn’t popular among other folks I follow and I don’t blame them, this was something I thought was good based on the supposed genre, a cute zombie girl, and honestly I’ve been fine with it most of the way, but I had hoped the pedophile father’s role was over when she “died” and things would move from there, but instead he comes back to stick his meat hooks around the story again like anyone gives a shit about his lust for taking pictures of his kid naked. Part of the story I guess, but still annoying.

That’s all I got for now, but if I get some time this week, I’ll try to throw up another post on some of the other shows I’ve been slacking on. Also I will finalize the summer season poster. Stay frosty~

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