Some awesome (and most funny tweets) of the night from the weeaboo side of my twitter feed:

  • @GLaDOS_2: Bin Laden is dead. But I scanned his brain and made a backup on the permanent record. He’ll make a good Turret. (via @Kyuubey_)
  • @GLaDOS_2: Oh good, he’s already online. [Bin Laden Turret]: “Are you still there infidel?” “I don’t hate you. Just kidding.” (via @Kyuubey_)
  • @cowboybibimbop: May Madoka bless you and may Madoka bless the United States of America.
  • @JohansRZ14: Carmen San Diego:1 Osama Bin Laden:0 #LOL
  • @ANNZac: “Unfortunately, Osama bin Laden was designed by Square Enix, and thus has at least 3 more forms we need to destroy.”
  • @cowboybibimbop: His entropy will be enough to fuel our cars for years. #MadokaGotOsama

On a serious note however, 9/11 was a tragedy that involved a lot of people directly and indirectly, and the elimination of Bin Laden will not persuade terrorists across the globe to stop, but it adds to our nation’s resolve that we will fight to protect our own, and our allies, from those who seek to undermine us from the shadows. So take this moment to thank our men and women of the US Armed Forces and Intelligence Divisions whose efforts made it possible for us to celebrate this day. Today is truly, Mission Accomplished, on to the Next Stage.


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