No Baseball No Life

The final show on my Spring list finally debuted last Monday, Moshidora, which runs for 10 episodes Monday through Friday, with the 5th being the most recent. Let’s get started.

I miss those baseball days
Girls? In my batting cages? It's... more likely than you think?

Moshi Koukou Yakyuu no Joshi Manager ga Drucker no Management wo Yondara, or “What If a Female Manager of a High School Baseball Team Read Drucker’s” or simply Moshidora is a ten episode, daily airing series on NHK this season, which depicts high-school girl Minami Kawashima who purchases a copy of Peter Drucker’s Management intending to learn how to manage the school baseball team as a favor for her friend Yuuki Miyata, the current team manager, and who is hospitalized at the start of the series. She applies the concepts of the book to the teams operations with the aim to improve the team and send them to the nationals.

This series does two things, it’s about baseball, which is my favorite sport to play, and details Peter Drucker’s Management, which is considered a cornerstone of modern business. Having read many books that draw inspiration from that book, such as The One Minute Manager and being somewhat of a manager myself at my job, I appreciated the unique spin on baseball and the premise. Outside of that, there is some random comedy and bits intertwined to make an interesting short series that ends this Friday. I’d give it a watch, especially since gg bothered to sub it.

TLDR Watch This: Baseball, management ideals, and a few HHNNNGGG moments
TLDR Don’t Watch This: You don’t like any of these?
Sub Group: gg
First Rating: 7

If this were CLAMP they'd qualify as noodle people

A Channel 04 ventures into one of the female taboo conversations (at least for males) being diets. Clearly the series creators felt that either their target audience is fat, or their characters aren’t skinny enough, which is funny considering how stick-looking Tooru is, hidden under giant clothes. The thing that has started to separate this series from K-ON! is there is no discernible “dumb character” to produce the series laughs, there is no Yui. Run tries, often too hard, but it usually ends up requiring one or all of them to complete the joke. Rather disconcerning.


The thing about Denpa Otoko 3 that amused me so was Meme, she plays very much like another character from a different series most of us have seen that may or may not have contained staplers, and yet she plays our MC out quite well to where sniffing the pillow just isn’t enough. Then he tries to pull an ET only to end up failing the brakes and putting them both in the water, but not before possibly convincing out matress-wielding girl she might not be an alien. Charming indeed.

Best ninja ever.
No ma'am, you can continue to jiggle though as you run, that will do.

Dog Days 05 ended the kidnapped princess arc, and fuck if it didn’t do it with a little style. Not only does Leo come bashing the doors down to smack some bitches up, but initiates a fight with Brioche which she wins only because Brioche threw. The hero then figures out how to SILVER SURF with his spirit power but only after Yukikaze matches his running speed. Princess reaches home, sings the song that will end the– oh, er.. continue the show… and all is good. Wonder what happens next?

Only she would ignore all that gold and go for the REAL IDENTITY of the man
Unmasking generally works better when you can reach

GOSICK 15 wraps up Leviathan by revealing that our elusive alchemist was in fact a black guy, who instead of coming back to steal the TV, gets wrapped up in a huge scandal with the king, kills a kid, and almost makes a deal with Victorique’s father. Oh plot, how you thicken! Brian Roscoe also drops some hints to Kujo and Pointy-hair tops it off to Victorique at the end. Revelations soon?

Don't tell me you weren't thinking this.

Hanairo 05, gasp, Tohru leaving to work for the competition? Of course this makes Minko mad, and mad at Ohana of course. But here we learn how she came to the inn and became a cook-in-training, and how much Tohru means to her. It’s cute. Ohana of course takes on her usual style of charging forward into things only to realize they have solved themselves. Still, she seems to continue to be exposing the cracks in Minko’s armor little by little.


More bullets fly in Hidan no Aria 03 as the pair help disarm a bus bomb with the help of a female sniper. I do hope the Speed gag doesn’t keep getting used in this series because it’s getting old, as is the MC’s insistence that he will not become a Butei. Just do it, get it over with, and let’s get on with this Shana clone being more awesome than before.

POOF.. wait.., why aren't you crouching with your hands over your eyes? Yes you up there!
It's more like, what are you, three?

Hoshizora 03 continues along it’s usual path of Ui’s food habits and various other brocest-related implications. We pick up a new character though, Koyori Toudou, who apparently likes to throw acorns at people and shout POOF which means you duck and cover while she runs away. Interesting indeed.

Oooooh, see what I did there?
No, Allah is dead. For Bin Laden at least.

Nichijou 05 continues some random wacky things, including a short scene with mo-hawk kid seeing if the dead can really talk (Bob Hope? Lawls.) Sakamoto gives terrible advice, and a DRAW-OFF after some head-smacking. Oh Nichijou, you card!


Yeah. A manga-goggle girl and some other shit about terrible tasting lolipops. Oh SKET Dance 04. You can do better.

Or just call me Tina. Forget the Chris.

Steins;Gate 04 finally connects the “IBN 5100” to the previous episode’s events, and paves the way for some real action to possibly occur, not that what has gone on wasn’t interesting, but you know, looking forward to some time travel or someshit here!

Anyway, this Bin Laden news has distracted me greatly, so I am going to end this now and maybe touch on it more tomorrow. Someone’s wish came true, poor soon-to-be-witch. =D

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