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Guilty Crown has shared a special love and hate relationship with weeaboos this season, because while it is universal among most to be terrible, we still watch the next episode in our secret love affair of Shu Shoe and what he will do next. That being said, after the completion of this show this past week, I’m afraid that the terrible status will stand. That was a terrible ending.

The problem with GC is that everyone wants to label it against a similar show from before. Code Geass was one comparison early on, and then someone called it “This generation’s Ghost in the Shell.” What? Seriously? Not even close. To compare this show to GitS you have to be this motherfucking dense to understand that the characters and story in GitS meant something in the end, that everything that led into the final episodes came together. Guilty Crown is guilty of fucking up every character it touched all the way to the end where Shoe becomes fucking Jesus for the sole purpose of giving you the happy ending he deserved after being fucked over four ways of Sunday by every single character of this show, except Hare, who died a meaningless death so that the writers could push Shoe over the edge enough to make him unlikeable to his classmates, as if he already wasn’t before.

But Shoe aside, let’s touch briefly on some of the other characters that contributed their worthlessness to this show:

Tsutsugami Gai: So here is what I don’t understand about Gai, in the beginning, he was the leader of Funeral Parlor The Undertakers. His opposition was the GHQ, and his goal was freeing the Japanese people from their clutches. So if we’re going to Geass route, this makes him Lelouch. He’s always one step ahead of his enemies, and doesn’t care for Shu’s wishy-washy bullshit. Then halfway into the show, he is revealed to be Triton, Mana’s other little love affair, and he sacrifices himself to save her, Shoe, and everyone else. Only instead, he lives, gets brainwashed by Shuuichirou, and presumably dies finally when Shoe defeats him. Honestly, you were better off dead the first time.
Yuzuriha Inori I understand Inori’s real purpose in the end was to be the vessel Mana would be reborn in, but seriously, it’s like villains monologuing in superhero comics and shows, don’t let your goddamn vessel have a mind of its own if you expect it to be around in the end to house your worthless soul. If I have to hear the word “Shu…” one more fucking time, I’ll revive Dan’s soul into you instead.
Shinomiya Ayase I get it, you’re the disabled tough girl who doesn’t want anyone to pity her, but early on when Shoe was trying to be nice and helpful you had to be a snotty little bitch and peg him down three. Then after the world went to hell you suddenly wanted to suck his cock because your heart is made of legs? Listen, I know you’re the token tsundere of the show and being given that title means you have to be that way, but Hare was twice the woman you were throughout most of the show and she sacrificed herself so that you could be there to feel the blind man up at the end. Stay classy, hon.
Kuhouin Arisa Go to hell, slut.
Tamadate Souta Go to hell, dick.

As for the story, it was so weakly contrived that it was predictable pretty much 60% of the time. I enjoyed the first half of the show more than the second, because while it was slightly more scenario-of-the-week that was always solved in the end by someone’s Void, it was much more enjoyable than some of this shit pulled in the second half. Honestly, the entire story of the meteorite, the virus, all of that was fine until you folded Mana into the whole thing. She was completely unnecessary from the start. Her incest lust for Shoe, whatever she felt for “Triton”, everything involving her was so badly written that you could have made the show better by removing her. I still don’t even know where the Voids played in the story, I suppose that was the “evolution” that they kept referring to, but in the end, I expected Shoe to win, Mana to fucking die already, and Gai to go with her because of his dickery earlier in the second half. WISH GRANTED.

Even this review doesn’t make sense.

But to finish this off, in the end, I enjoyed what I got, because even with the bad writing, forced characters, and weak story, it has some truly impressive moments where you could forget all of that and focus on what was going on. The action scenes were well met, and the first half of the show was probably the best overall. So I’d still recommend this show for a watch to anyone, but don’t go into it comparing it to any other marginally successful show. You will be disappoint.

Title: Guilty Crown
Sub Group I Watched: Commie
Episodes: 22
Rating (1-10): 6

Favorite Character: Tsugumi
Least Favorite Character: Kuhouin Arisa
Favorite Void: Inori’s Sword
Least Favorite Void: Everyone Else
Are We Matrix Yet? Might as well be. Next thing you’ll know they’ll say they’ve done this before, and become quite efficient at it.

I'd undertake them.
That'ta boy Shu, eyes down there. Like a man.


  1. I commend you for continuing the trend of posting Haretits.

    Also if you noticed, even the production crew complained about constantly being compared to Code Geass. Which is all the more reason to do it.

  2. Screw everything about this show. So many people preseason were all “HAI GUIS BES SHOW OF YEAR!” and then it turned into “this show so bad its funny!”.

    I really, really can’t believe I spent 22 weeks on this show…

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