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Another week of chinese cartoons, and some crazy shit going down in the heavies while everything else, eh. You’ll also note, if you visit the site often, that I’ve changed up the theme again, now rocking one of those fancy slider themes that all the WPfags use these days. I am a web and graphic designer in the new job I have, and part of that has been working on porting their site to WordPress, so I’m learning a few tricks I didn’t bother to figure out before, so I’ll be working on the site a little in the coming weeks to make it look nice.

Now to get on with the show.

Creative license.
Subtitling, like a boss.

Well shit gets real in this week’s Maou-sama as we find out Lucifer was the one attempting to wipe out both Maou and Emi, and manages to gain magical powers from the despair of humans. The same is true of Maou however, and as he saves Chiho and everyone else from Lucifer’s attacks, Emi charges her power up and an aerial fight ensues. Lucifer gets punched in the face, Maou uses the last of his collected power to restore the city, and everything goes back to normal… except Chiho knows everything now. So now what? Who the fuck cares. This show is easily one of the best this season on my list. Loving it.


Does she being a teacher change this? Maybe.
Dem legs~

What sucks about Aiura is that the episodes are five minutes long, of which only about two minutes are actual show. Still, it’s like the best two minutes of anime a week sometimes. Those Wakatsuki legs were worth this week’s two minutes. When you consider most shows never bother to animate below the waist, it’s rare to see some good shit in the animes.


Ten bucks she ends up with L-Elf at the end.
Well, of course she is the leader’s daughter. CAGALLI anyone?

I’ve made a lot of SEED jokes so far about Valvrave, but this week, we get to turn up the GUILTY CROWN as the whole school has decided the South must rise again, or something. Basically they think that they can use the Valvrave to hold Dorassia and ARUS (pretty much Valvrave’s version of Russia and the US) at bay, as both pretty much don’t give a shit about them and just want the robot. Meanwhile L-Elf is trying to convince Shoe Haruto that he will need his help in effecting some kind of revolution plan. But before that could happen, Shouko overhears ARUS attempting to pull back and take Haruto and the Valvrave with them. The students create a diversion and rescue him, and Shouko decides this is a perfect time to reveal herself as who she is, JIOR’s leader’s daughter, and quickly rally the student body to declare independence from every nation and form their own with the Valvrave as their bargaining chip and protector. So we’ve gone full-GC now I guess, and I’m not sure what to feel. Part of me is actually liking what is going on, but I can’t handle the cliches man, I just feel like this whole thing could have been done differently. Let’s just hope this doesn’t sink into something worse.

Maybe she likes the porn.

Meanwhile, in Majestic Prince land, Rabbits continues to be the butt of everyone’s jokes, but this time they have the three-man team of Doberman, comprising of a military goody-two-shoes, a womanizer, and an equalizer. Together the two teams sortie to check out a spot where a small enemy force was believed to be, only for a large base to be there. They take a risk and infiltrate it, place a bomb, blow it sky high, and return. Not much else in this episode besides some implied porn one of the Doberman guys gives our Red hero. I like the mecha in this show, but the characters are largely forgettable. They could all die next week and be replaced by five more wiped memory students and I wouldn’t even care. Even chesty-boing-boing does nothing for me, she is dumber than a box of rocks.

Finally, a character worth posting about~

I like to think I’m in roughly the same school of thought regarding Machigatteiru as other twitterfolk, but fuck if I am not a gullible shit when it comes to falling for this obvious trap of a main character. I’m this fucking guy, not just in high school, but beyond high school. I don’t go out of my way to make friends, I sit in the corner and observe the room, although I do have professional aspirations, so I guess that’s the changeup there. But even if I can sympathize with Hikki a little, this show is just… I dunno, very static? I’m trying to think of a better way to put it, but it’s much like last season’s romcom, Ore no Kanojo, was for me, just stale overused tropes with a fresh coat of paint. I’ll probably keep watching, because I am terrible like that, but it’s low on the priority list. I ended up watching last and this week’s episodes today because I just plain forgot.

Nothing else notable to mention right now, honestly, Nyaruko wasn’t worth more than a sentence, Space Bros. I need to write a full post on at some point, and I’m going to cover the rest this weekend as they air, so keep your eyes on that. Also, I have not forgotten the wiki, so stay tuned, I’ll post when I finish the current season. Been busy, and lazy, to sit down and TAKKATAKKTAAKKA on that.

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