Blue Steel Talk: Saving Private Gunzou



I wasn’t going to probably write about this week’s Arpeggio, but after making my blogging rounds and reading ol’ Jinx’s reaction to the tenth episode, well I can’t just ignore my civic duty to WORDSWORDSWORDS into this husk of the internet? Right?

Actually I happen to have the next five days off from work so I am procrastinating going to sleep.

Three-Star Surround Sound

[HorribleSubs] Kill la Kill - 10 [720p].mkv_snapshot_15.50_[2013.12.06_23.34.09]

Approaching the Christmas season, I have to deal with three major things each year:

  • Clients’ last-minute requests for the most ludicrous of things before they disappear on vacation, often right after making said request.
  • Four different holiday outings in four different places. Divorced-family first-world problems.
  • Buying gifts.

Of course this means my time allocated towards chinese cartoons and other such tomfoolery will be limited, but I hope to ride out the end of this season’s shows with minimal fanfare. But I may release some reviews early before the show ends. Hell, I could release them right now really. I doubt there will be a TWIST.

Anyway, here are a few highlights of what I found relevant this week.