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Wrapping up the weekend in this week’s anime, Shingeki continues to impress with awesome visuals, even though I’ve read pretty far into the manga, so no surprises for me. Gargantia continues to be one of my top-ranked series this season, being everything I wanted Overman King Gargantia to be. Henneko also does not fail to disappoint me in the light-hearted territory. Let’s get on with it~



Lookin’ good there, Stallman

Shit gets hot in Shingeki as the colossal titan blows another hole in the wall open, and the The Night Watch trainees immediately spring into action… hahahaha no.. only Eren springs into action, and showing everyone he is no crow, he takes on the giant, but before he could land the killing blow, it disappears. Victory was not immediate, the open hole let in the giants to the yard, and suddenly it was time for a battle. Stuff, stuff, blah, things, Mikasa, and then we’re off to more fights, except this time, Eren gets chomped on the leg trying to rush one who ate a comrade. Then his whole team gets fucked, Armin cries like a bitch and is almost eaten, and Eren sacrifices himself to save Armin. What a waste. Next episode will be good though, from what I have read. The Stallman and MOE TITAN jokes really made this episode though.


California is closer... oh....
This is a gg translation, so take away from this what you will.

Things get extra -dere in Henneko when the quest to get Tsukiko’s emotions back runs into the Steel King, the -dere turning out to be Tsukushi herself, wanting to separate herself from her sister, so that she could… marry… her? Okay, that is an interesting twist, maybe not a twist, but certainly an interesting 180 for a character that has been extra-tsun thus far. But she was responsible for the Stony Cat, and insists it has no magical powers, but it seems to have some kind of powers, and almost gives Tsukiko’s emotions back… but she gives them up. Not sure what is supposed to happen now, the whole show was built on this facade premise, without it, does it just become another romcom? Guess we’ll see.


...there's ten thousand of me just a-hangan' aro~und~
I think I’m a clone now…

I have to kind of interject, even if Railgun is trying this time around, kind of, to stay with the bulk of the action and not be a complete snooze-fest of HEY LET’S JUST FOLLOW MISAKA AND HER FRIENDS AROUND FOR TEN EPISODES HURFDRUFHAERPDURP. So far, we’ve been given this middle-of-the-road feel, school life with the looming SISTERS appearance slowly building up to the end of this episode, meeting face to face. I’m still expecting good things from this show though. Is that wrong to think of?


Oh yeah, right there.. dat text…

So wait, this entire episode of Photo Kano was because Haruka didn’t feel well? Or the childhood memories thing? Wat? Don’t get me wrong, this show is good for a couple laughs, but it’s not exactly interesting, it’s a generic harem. With a camera. A camera harem. I guess that makes it different?


Dat tan~
God yes.

So far, Gargantia is ranking among my top picks of the year, which isn’t much since we’re still early in the year, but it’s a lot for a mecha show that isn’t Gundam. The look and feel is definitely a throwback to Overman King Gainer, that whole life aboard a moving colony, be it land or water, and being the odd one out in the space-future robot. There are so many little things that make this show enjoyable, from Amy’s look and demeanor, the atmosphere of the ship, Ledo’s easy-going attitude about everything despite being very concerned about his position in this unknown place, all sorts of fun. I almost wish this was getting a full season of episodes, but alas, nope. In fact, only Railgun and Shingeki get full runs, everything else tops out at the end of the season.


Seriously, dump Princess Fluffybutt and jump on the Neko train.
Dohoho, what do we have here?

Haw, oh Ore no Imouto, you give me almost half of an episode with Kuroneko and dress to kill my heart. Honestly, as much as I hate to fag up here, Kuroneko and Manami are the reasons I watch this show. Every other character is a pile of shit, really. This episode just weirded me out more than usual, probably because of the whole “brother as a boyfriend thing”. Terrible. Ugh. Glad they kept that short though, would have had to choke a bitch otherwise.



So for those who don’t pay attention to Twitter, I proposed to my fiancee of six years last year after PAX. Next Saturday is the day of reckoning, we do this shit. It’s been a very long-drawn out process for us, mostly her because she planned 90% of it, and we’re paying for 80% of it, so it’s something we like to call our own. What it means for here, is that I will be missing the entire weekend of anime and reviews, and will likely not get back to that until the weekend after. I probably won’t do any posts this week unless it’s for a couple shows. So TL;DR, BRB, gonna marry my 3D waifu. Sad day for 2Dfags. That feel, bro.

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