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Some fun stuff this week, and updating on some stuff I haven’t touched on in previous weeks. We’re close to the end of the season, and I’m getting to that point where I just want this season to end and to get the next season on already. Still, Valvrave and Railgun have been exceptional lately, and Shingeki is keeping up with my expectations translating from the manga, so nothing to complain about this season, got a lot of good shows out of this draw. Let’s get started:


Shingeki no Kyojin 10
“Scream louder Armin. Potato Girl might have an orgasm from fifty clicks away.” –
Having read this part in the manga, it’s nothing surprising to me, but this show continues to impress me on the fact that it holds the line very well. The only thing that bothers me about the animation is the outlines of their faces are too defined sometimes. It’s a minor annoyance, but it sticks out in some shots, like this one with Armin. Otherwise, this is the show of the season for most people. Even people who aren’t into the seasons of anime like I and others I blog/twit with are getting into this show, which I fear might dilute the experience a little, because I am a hipster like that, but continues to open up the scene to a few more people. I very much would like to go to Katsucon one of these years and have the percentage of cosplay outfits from games and shows before 2005 drop to 25%. New anime ain’t hard to come by, stop your Wan Piss and Blorch shit and get with the times.

Also, fuck Homestruck. Seriously.

Act like you don't want it.
Because waifu.
Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko 09
So let me get this straight, the little girl from yesteryear who found Ponta’s rabbit met Yokodera, then moved to Italy. She comes back, tries to get him to remember her, makes some wishes on Stony Cat Portable (keep in mind we have Stony Cat, Stony Cat Slim, and now Stony Cat Portable), and the school becomes Little Italy with swimsuits. Then some wishes retract, some truths revealed, and now Azuki Azusa is the Stony Cat? Should I not be confused?

Honestly, I don’t particularly care where the Stony Cat plot goes, the show is fantastic and so are the characters. Stony Azusa was quite fun towards the end of the episode, and even no-clothes Tsukiko was adorable. For a show that doesn’t have to probably try that hard to still be worth the watch, they’re making a good effort to give you more than one or two reasons to watch. Love it.

No, this hasn't happened in anime before...
Oh, hello Ryo-Shanta
Haiyore Nyaruko-san W 08
I admit, I actually was able to watch most of this episode without being bored, and that’s what annoys me about Nyaruko-san, it’s a show with potential squandered by the idea that people like pointless comedy when your characters are vapid shells. Every pointless show at least has the courtesy to build their characters on established pointless comedy show tropes, but Nyaruko-san is probably the closest working example of Seth MacFarlane cartoon mechanics in Japanese anime. The characters don’t matter so long as you show some pop/cultural references and callbacks to other shows, characters, or music artists. Oh, and overuse the love-love gag, it’s still funny the seventy-fourth time.It just reeks of laziness, I mean, Shanta morphing into a girl? Yeah hey, Tenchi-Muyo did that already, and it actually had a purpose then.

THIS is how you take cell phone pictures.
That’s not how you take cell phone pictures.
Yuyushiki 09
“That’s it. Naming my next RPG character Nakedboobs.” –
We always talk about how every show after Lucky Star is like Lucky Star, but most of that shows are nowhere near Lucky Star. Rather, we’re just remembering what we felt like watching the show, and then we realize that we’re just remembering Azumanga Daioh. Yuyushiki is just that, it’s a show where school girls just do stuff. They just do. I also figure since I can’t have full episodes of Aiura, this is literally the next best thing to it, in fact I keep mixing the OP and EDs up between the two, I expect the Aiura ED to play at the end of Yuyushiki, and that’s just odd.

Nor a sausage.
Not just a hot dog.
Kakumaki Valvrave 09
“Probably not what I would add to a girl’s post-death memories album online. Just sayin'” –
So Valvrave called down the Thunder, and he reaped the whirlwind, though I was surprised that both he and Inuzuka take the next two units and bind themselves to them. So now that makes GARuto, Inuzuka, Rukino, and Thunder, with one more unit up for grabs I believe. Early speculation is Renbokouji will probably be the last pilot, but I’m thinking it will probably be Shouko herself. L-Elf picked out the science teacher as being one of the scientists on the project, and we see other seemingly unfinished units, confirming that Module 77 is actually one big experiment to place students into these units for combat, presumably. Most interesting, though again, not a new concept, it’s essentially SEED + Evangelion + Gunparade March + Infinite Stratos + whatever else you can think of. Adding the “this will turn you into a vampire” though might be the subtle twist, though not completely new. Still, for as much early bashing as I did with the SEED comparisons, it’s turning out to be some pretty crazy fun. I like shows that can do that. I’m so tsundere it hurts.

That's how you get them.
Toaru Kagaku no Railgun 09
“She won’t find me. I’m behind seven proxies and Uiharu’s panties.” –
Again, this week did not let up with the fun, as it looks like next week will not either. ITEM is in full force with the fourth-strongest Level 5, Shizuri Mugino, taking on Mikoto after she beat, but did not kill, Frenda. In conjunction with ITEM teammate Rikou Takitsubo and her “AIM Stalker” ability, they attempted to take out Mikoto as she was fleeing, but to no avail. Shinobu in the other building attempts to upload her emotions program to the MISAKA Network, but is captured by Saiai Kinuhata who split from the group for that purpose. A shot of a Misaka clone was seen in the room, as well as what looked like Last Order being processed, so fun things. Again, this season is not disappointing so far, and honestly, I expect there to be some downtime episodes, but I hope there aren’t too many and we keep getting Mikoto being Mikoto, because it really is the shit.

And your mother.
Smug snake huh? Well you’re a whore.
“My Sister Can’t Be This Much of a Whore”
I don’t make it a point to watch SNAFU each week first-thing, but I catch up on it when I have nothing else to watch. It’s not that great still, and it looks like they’re coming back to Yukino’s sister picking on Yukino, and bringing some classmates along for the ride. Ugh. This reminds me less of high school and more of working jobs, where you end up doing shit on your own and burning out that much faster because people would rather fuck around and not give a shit, or offer a hand. Can’t count how many times I lost my shit at my old job and people would always say “Well you need to ask for help!” No bitch, anyone worth a salt in anything will offer to help someone they know is taking on too much. I used to plenty of times with people, even if I didn’t know what they were doing. Literally infuriating. But you know, the former is right, you can ask for help, and Yukino, well, her character is just so one-dimensional in this show. She wants to be like everyone else as much as Hachi does, yet they both need to hold their facades up to save face with themselves. I can tell you, being such a person, that it is damn hard to do, and you’re gonna fuck up.

What are we talking about again? SNAFU? Eh.

That’d be enough for now. Going to go lay down and read somemore of GRRM’s A Dance with Dragons. It’s actually been a good read, when Martin decides to talk about shit that actually matters and not THE TREES IN DORNE HAD FIFTY SHADES OF GREEN! Seriously, you could lose a third of the pages if you just spent a tiny bit less time describing the world you’ve already described fifteen times before in previous chapters and books. Hopefully the next book comes out soon, or else I’m going to have to break out my PSP from cold storage and play Final Fantasy Tactics to get my War of the Roses fix. I do love political intrigue.

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