Press Lips to Change

The final two shows to this season’s list, Hokago no Pleiades and Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo, round out a rather impressive season start to thaw me out from winter’s icy grip.

Gender Swapping Step One: Check Your Assets
Gender Swapping Step One: Check Your Assets
Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo
“Musical Bodies”
It sounds weird, but between the opening and first episode of this show, I am oddly intrigued and want more. It could be because I was triggered by Hayami Saori’s voice acting, but I also get the impression this might be a genuinely interesting show to watch, and certainly something different from the usual magical school days slop we’ve been treated to in the past. Actually, the show sort of reminded me of Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, but even further back than that, Tenshi na Konamaiki, where the gender-swap was also on the menu. It’s the sort of school comedy that I enjoy assuming it doesn’t try to go whole-hog with the supernatural, or the ridiculous like Medaka Box went. If I can get ahold of the manga, I’ll run a side-by-side for this show this season like I sort of did with Arpeggio and Akame ga Kill. Being a manga adaptation, I imagine they won’t go too far outside of the box, and that’s fine for a Linden show. Aiura was sure as hell fun, but Terraformars didn’t really grab me. Sky == limit.

First Rating: 8
Sub Group: Horrible

Neither do I.
Neither do I.
Hokago no Pleiades
“Kickstart My Spaceship”
Back when I saw the OVA for this, I didn’t think it’d get a full series. It was interesting, but it also seemed to be a promo for Suburu cars, complete with car engine sounds. Somehow, it made it to a full series, and once again, the drive shaft returns in a GAINAX-powered magical girl series. The animation is certainly GAINAX-tier, but the story sort of gives me this weird Rolling Girls vibe, except obviously the older OVA predates that. Provided everything stays consistent, it will be a quality magical girl show and hopefully nothing less.

First Rating: 7
Sub Group: Horrible

I may or may not preview Grisala, because really, it’s probably just going to be “Grisalaman” and nothing more.

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