Dropped: Denpa Kyoushi

I don’t even know where to start with this, so I’ll just start at the beginning.

It’s just bad.

I’ve watched a lot of shit. Close to five hundred shows I think, and while that is a small number of the thousands of shows over decades, I’ve only dropped about a dozen lifetime. It’s something I try not to do by really digging into the previews and finding what interests me enough to take the plunge. Denpa Kyoushi was just not that. Not even close.

Quick Look: Third Week Roundup

Per usual I have fallen behind because the weather is nice out, and that of course means I remember I own a house and with all the snow gone, it’s reminding me HEY YOU FAT FUCK, YOU HAVE SHIT FROM LAST FALL TO CLEAN UP! Fuuuuuuuck. Being an adult sucks. I also have one more First Look post coming out tonight, but forgot to save the screens I was going to use to Dropbox because reasons. So expect that too.