Fall 2015 Preview

So this season is going to be a bit different than previous seasons. Normally I pick up anywhere from 10-15 shows a season or more and drop a couple half-way because they’re boring. But in the past two seasons, I’ve struggled to watch everything I have on the docket each week. I just don’t have the drive to paddle through upwards of 195 episodes a season. I barely put out three posts a season as-is, where I used to do them weekly long ago. One of the unfortunate consequences of being an adult with adult-tier bullshit to wade through. It was so much easier back when I lived in an apartment and had jobs where I just showed up, did my work, and left. These days, I have to remote-in from home, work on side projects, and try to make more money so I can afford to construct an ESXi platform for more fun. Add that on top of wanting to re-do the garage, get power to it, so I can do more fun things. There just ain’t enough hours in the day, man. To top all this off, I also am trying to somewhat raise a video gaming channel on Youtube and stream more gaming.

So in light of all this, I am deciding this season to massively scale back my docket to a handful of mostly-another-season shows, and a couple new ones I’ve had on the radar. If I have extra time later on, I’ll try to double-back and binge-watch some other shows. I will also try to catch up on anything I’ve missed previously and give that the better-late-than-never review. If I get my shit all caught up, the winter season will return to normal, or I’ll rinse and repeat.

TL;DR: Now entering a Reduced Fare Season.

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Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen – Despite a few niggles about characterization, I had an overall positive experience with the first season, and the OP is still awesome to listen to in the car. So second season ahoy. Let’s hope it doesn’t tread too badly into Shingeki territory.
Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?? – How could I not miss one of the cutest palette-and-soul-cleansing shows of last year?
Yuru Yuri San☆Hai! – Three years is far too long to go without the blood-soaked tissues of my eighth or ninth waifu (I’ve lost count) Chitose and the master of invisible Akarin. I can’t pass this up.
One Punch Man – I’ve read a chunk of the manga for this probably a couple years ago, and like Monster Musume, it was long overdue for an anime adaptation. I’m not sure how the episodes will be structured, but they should be humorous. One hopes.
Noragami Aragoto – Another season of Glamorous Hiyori? Shut up and take my eyeballs.

Heavy Object – I am sufficiently intrigued to see where JC STAFF will go with this one.

Kidou Senshi Gundam: Tekketsu no Orphans – I have honestly not really gotten into a Gundam series since AGE and 00. I know Build Fighters is pretty good, but I have yet to finish it all. I won’t say I want to see another SEED, unless they focus on secondary characters and new leads instead of Jesus Yamato and Mary-Sue Clyne, but I do actually like the SEED universe conceptually. But, being the Gundam fan I am, I’ll preview this one and see if it is worth watching weekly, or just wait until it is binge-able.

Hidan no Aria AA – It’s been four years since the first season aired, and as far as I am concerned, unless you’re an established franchise, four years is probably indicative of your show probably being shit, and another attempt ain’t going to fix that. My original assessment back then is this:

Overall it was passable, but the middle episodes were trite and useless. By the time we got to the end, “Big Bad” showed up and surprise he’s another real-world fictional character, Dracula. How quaint. They manage to defeat him and ride off into the sunset moonlight which begs the question, what exactly is Kinji Tooyama supposed to be, John Wayne? If we see anymore of this series (and we could) I do hope they plan on backstorying a little on everyone just because it’d be marginally more interesting then what we got.

I didn’t really have high hopes for it then, and I certainly wouldn’t now. Nope.

Owarimonogatari – I used to enjoy the -monogatari seasons, but eventually they just got to be about the same thing, or same concept, or just the same. I could be wrong, I dropped out of it probably two years ago or so, but maybe someday I’ll power through them all.

Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou – I don’t need to remind people of the problems I have with Shingeki. It’s a show that as a universe, I thoroughly enjoy, but as a story I find horribly executed and terribly contrived. So to see they’re making a show that largely parodies itself is both laughable as it is sad. I’m sure Eren will somehow end up being the star of the show, while Mikasa and Armin continues to lick his asshole before making sure he is dressed in the morning for SKOOL.

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