Imaginary Numbers

To update on the situation in Japan, from what I’ve been able to pull, aftershocks continue in many areas, including a M6 in Shizuoka. The evacuation ring around Fukushima Dai-ichi was extended to 30km and only 50 personnel remain continuing efforts to regain control of the plant. Various reports about the radiation levels are coming from various sources, but I myself believe it’s still not life-threatening at this point, but your results may vary by news source (and opinion). Meanwhile the death toll remains somewhere around 2-3k confirmed, and as far as /a/ is concerned, Norio Wakamoto is a god.

I’ve added some quick links to information on the right main bar. Feel free to use them to gather information on the situation. I don’t recommend US news sources other than possibly Reuters or AP, most major networks are reporting inaccurate information, especially on the nuclear crisis.

As for animu related news, two pieces of info today: GOSICK 10 raws have been spotted on Nyaa, so expect a twit about it over the next 24h, and according to MBS’ website, Madoka 11 will premiere as scheduled on Thursday at 1225 EST (Friday 125 JST). It is unknown if Fractale, Infinite Stratos, Yumekui Merry, or Hourou Musuko will premiere on TBS as scheduled. As of now, Kore wa Zombie and Dragon Crisis, which air on Chiba TV and Tokyo MX, have not aired or have no raws/subs out. Will update when I know more information.

Now then…