Tears for Titans


Part Two of my weekend catch-up on everything I’ve slacked off on due to not caring about some shows, or other life events going on that forced me to miss a week. Fortunately for you, I am completely caught up now, and have little blurbs about the rest of the list I didn’t get to yesterday, as well as another spot for Gargantia as this week’s episode aired earlier today, so I moved 07 over and updated that. Blahblahblah ON~



Long time no see, I kinda cheaped out on writing anything for the past couple weeks, that sorta thing happens around here. Was kinda getting into my new job and getting into the swing of things again and also spent most of my past couple weekends out, so I didn’t feel like writing much. Not being winter outside anymore has made my attempts to go outside more frequent as well, so it’s nice to drive around to my EUROBEATS and interact with commonfolk again. But you came here for how I feel about this season’s weekly animus, so strap in, there are a lot.