Another round of new season premieres, including Highschool DxD BorN, Denpa Kyoushi, Kyoukai no Rinne, and Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu. Ladies and Gentleman, start your engines.

Just his right hand though.
Just his right hand though.
Highschool DxD BorN
“A Gentleman’s Weekend”
The Wonderful World of Issei is back for a third season, and from 00:01 you are treated to all the uncensored tits you’d like. It’s a show that has never shied away from showing the female form, and thanks to what I presume is its late slot, we don’t have to wait for the DVD/BD release to get it.

The first episode bust (lel) right out of the gate with a little bit of action to sort of warm you up for what looks to be likely more battles with demons in Hell. Foreshadowing also seems to suggest Koneko gets a little focus this season, which is never a bad thing. My wife was in the living room watching this episode with me since I was too lazy to move elsewhere and seemed to be interested in the material enough that we ended up starting the first season again.


Not sure what her take on it is, but she is the type of person who isn’t disturbed by female anatomy in media and is perfectly fine with it. But the fact it involves angels and demons, and supernatural sort, probably also piqued her interest I assume. She is, after all, a fan of the book series that inspired True Blood, and they go into some pretty crazy shit from what I am told. I’ll have to get some kind of one-liner or short thought from her to add to my final review, because that might be interesting.


She is also terrifyingly good at that. Although it’s a close battle between Koneko and Akeno. I do love a woman who reveals in punishment.

First Rating: 9
Sub Group: FFF

This must be what using AT&T is like.
This must be what using AT&T is like.
Kyoukai no Rinne
“Casper the Friendly Ghost”
If Bleach and Noragami had an anime together, the end result would be Kyoukai no Rinne, and after an appearance on Maury, we’d find out that Inu Yasha was the real father. I’ll leave you to figure out which of the first two was the mother.

Truth be told, I wound up downloading some terrible fourth-rate sub to watch this, because even though it’s being picked up by CR, it’s either on some kind of delay, or Horrible has not picked it up yet. So I’ll have to make another pass with proper spelling and translations, but I got the gist, and the gist didn’t really help. It really is a generic-looking Bleach. But where it folds in the Noragami is with the POOR main character, asking for money to deal with requests and ghosts. If this season stays the course in being pretty awesome with all the other shows, I might carry this along for the ride, but it’s on the low-end of the scale right now. Citation needed.

First Rating: 6
Sub Group: OtakuMura

Leader of Gamergate
Leader of Gamergate
Denpa Kyoushi
“The True Darknet”
If you asked me to name an anime where a guy becomes a school teacher, I’ll immediately name Great Teacher Onizuka. Sadly, this is not GTO, not even by a quarter. It’s the multi-trope mashing tale of a super-genius deciding shit isn’t worth his time or processing power, and elects to become a NEET and an anime blogger. So surely there will be many references to how wacky and awesome writing anime blogs can be, right?


That said, I was briefly amused at the whole HACKING TEH WEBE scene and his confirmed support for doxxing high school students. I expect him to be on the blockbot by the end of the week. Shitlord status is GO.


First Rating: 7
Sub Group: Horrible

Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu
“The softer side of Yuki.N”
Haruhi was a show that I liked and loathed at the same time, much in the way I have with KyoAni shows anymore. On one hand, it was written in a way that makes Steven Moffat directed episodes of Doctor Who make sense, but on another is became painfully frustrating that the point of “Endless Eight” was to drive people to suicide.

Fortunately, Satelight helms this spin-off series that revolves around Yuki Nagato, and it’s the sort of show you might’ve expected the original to be before it PULLED THE OL’ MOFFAT EH CHAP? on you. I don’t know if they intend to feature the sort of supernatural tricks and turns in this show, but I’d be just fine without them. A cool, light-hearted Haruhi-themed series with the same characters doing what cute as fuck Nagato wants to do. Completely on-board.

First Rating: 8
Sub Group: Anon

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