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I’m back after a somewhat long hiatus. I got off unemployment and on to a new call center job, better pay, better benefits, and room for advancement. So, you know, TopLEL IT.

The second thing though is I moved my server to a new VPS last night, and so far, no major problems. Had a few issues early on with DNS and getting databases restored, but everything got together before early this morning, so should be good now. Lemme know if something broke.

To be honest, while this season isn’t bad, I’m not feeling the post-worthy-ness of this season. I find that I’m not in a hurry to watch new episodes, and nothing about them makes me want to write about them, so it might be a light post season, especially with Saimoe getting ready to fire. I’ll try my best though.

Along with my high-capacity mags.
I’d put my gun on her rack anytime.
Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C3-bu
“The Way of the Warrior”
I feel a little bad for Yura, because I get the impression from the end of this episode that Sonora is going to be a huge pain in the ass towards her in this show. If you’ve ever joined a group, club, job, or anything involving a bunch of people that involves something, there is always that one person who is super-passionate and super-anal about how that thing is done. I’ve worked several jobs where I clashed with people who insisted I do something their way, despite everyone else in the group being indifferent or understanding of doing things differently. Even I am nervous I will piss someone off in my new job because I won’t follow the same protocols they follow to do the work, even though the end result is the same. Sonora got real pissed with her at the end of two episodes ago for throwing the match despite guaranteed loss, and I could understand why, quitting is worse than losing, but she didn’t seem to be receptive of the fact she was scared, or maybe after-the-fact. Here, it sounds like she is going to get upset because even though Yura is not taking charge and getting it done for the team, she is ignoring things Sonora considers vital to the success of the sport. Elitist maybe? I’m not an authority on Airsoft or any sort of weapons sports, so maybe someone else can jump in on that. Still an excellent show though.

Still jealous.
Highschool DxD New
“A Gentleman’s Monday”
DxD continues to be one of my top watches each week, if not for Rias tits, or Koneko, or Asia-isms, it’s BOOST-O dragon-powered fun. The plot is shifting towards Excalibur (EXXXXXXX-CALI-BURRRRRRRR~ EXXXXXXX-CALI-BURRRRRRRR~ FROM THE UNITED KINGDOM~ I’M LOOKING FOR HIM~ I’M GOING TO CALIFORNIA~) swords, and the man responsible for putting Kiba through hell. ChurchTits 1 and 2 were also a welcome diversion, albeit a useless one against XXxxPsychoDarkAngelxxXX, but still worth the NUDY scenes, which seem to be more than the first season, unless I am mistaken.

Oh Frenda, you card.
Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S
“>That background music that plays during filler episodes >YFW you catch yourself humming it the next day”– @tldranimu
Now that the opening act, establishing The Sisters, Accelerator, and TouMAN’s repeating performance from Index are over, we get a light-hearted filler episode for this week, with a little bit of Frenda in the mix. No doubt ITEM and Friends will be the focus of the last half of Railgun S, but for what it’s worth, this iteration of Railgun has been the best yet, staying on top nearly the entire time without too much downtime. Hopefully we get some more TouMAN also, because the Index universe is not complete without his breaking the illusions.

The official sign of an angel
Kami no mizo Shiru Sekai Megami-Hen
“The Power of Love”
I can’t help but associate TWGOK with Disgaea sometimes, and a crossover would be pretty boss. I’ve been reading the manga from first to current, and it makes me kinda want to go back and re-watch the earlier seasons. Saimoe was actually what got me to watching it years ago, and I often wonder why I didn’t get to it sooner. The Goddess Arc has been pretty good so far, as Keima works to uncover more angels, and gets one from Tsukikyo, but despite her and Diana removing the curse from Kanon, Kanon’s angel resists coming back. Poor Haqua. Such an obvious crush on the Capturing God.

The answer, is yes.
Hey, are my boobs this big?
Servant x Service
I admit, I almost got caught up in the moment of believing Hasabe was transgender, until he walked in and I figured it was his sister. Funny as hell. Lucy is just too simple-cute in this show in her mannerisms and nativity towards everything and everyone. Chihaya meanwhile takes pleasure in torturing Lucy and Taishi under the guise of helping them directly or indirectly. It really is everything that was great about Working! and then some.

That’s about it for what I want to write about this week, next week if I can motivate myself to write, I’ll pen some thoughts about Shingeki. Rather, I might set up some posts about manga I’m reading, depending on how soon I finish TWGOK.

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