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I know, long time no see, well between work and Saimoe, I’ve had little time to watch the animus, and when I do, I focus on the cool shows, which means Campione! falls down on the priority list. I’ll try to catch up on a few here as we get closer to the end of the season.





Madoka will fuck you up, Jersey Club style
Oh no you Le Didn’t, Le Garite King.

Oh shit son, it gets heavy in Rinne no Lagrange as the chairman turns out to be a 20,000 year old human from the ancient prophecy that fortold the disaster brought upon by the Vox, and Moid is in on it too, handing that power to Dizelmine who is intent on killing Villeugio. Madoka of course will not sit idly by, and with Lan and Muginami, take off after him as he opens up the mother of all Rin-ne in the sky. This show, I tell you, gold, every fucking time. Wan.

I mean.. FLAME ON!

Two episodes remain of Gundam AGE and the shit is hitting the fan hard, as Pointless Extra #294829 is killed to send Kio into full FUCK YOUR FACE mode, almost killing Fatty Vegan but stopping short of doing the deed. A shame really. Meanwhile Seric Abis becomes the fallen hero as his mobile suit is disabled in the path of the photon blaster, which he allows himself a heroic sacrifice to deal a blow to their fleet. While touching, again, the only character’s death who I genuinely had manly tears for was Woolf. Everyone else has been on the screen for so little that their deaths had little meaning to the show, especially forced like Yurin. Even Kio’s Vegan friend dying drew no response from me. Honestly I wish the arcs were longer, but then I also am waiting for the sweet release of this show ending. The final two I imagine have to be Frito facing off against Zeheart, unless Asemu will do the honor, and as for ending? The only way I can see this ending proper is Frito’s death, because nothing, including the death of his son or grandson, will likely untwist his life-long contempt of the Vegan. Who knows though, maybe Emily will get her happy ending, fifty fucking years later. Amazing patience that woman.

What, no Pepsi Free in this timeline either?

Akarin’s quest for presence lands this week’s Yuru Yuri back in time, one year to be exact, as Akarin tries to fix herself from making a fool of herself before figuring out how to return. Unfortunately she blunders everything in classic pre-determined time-travel fashion and in the end has a tearful revelation that she wants her memories and doesn’t want to change. She returns to everyone one week in the future, all of whom were about to search for her. Presence achieved after all. Probably the best episode of the season.

You're not Church, Church is white.
That’s not space. That’s air.

Space Brothers finally completed the big test an episode or so ago, and Mutta finally won his right to go to Houston for the final test. Frankly, they really stretched this out, with a few episodes to go, what do they plan to do? Unless this show is going beyond 24-26 episodes. Oh god please, it’s so much fun watching spacebros, they gotta at least make it to spaaaaaaaaaace.

Maybe she likes them rolley-polley
No, you’re not in the virtual world, they’re real

I won’t lie, this show is some serious shit, Accel World may be just another cybernetic-virtual-reality show, but fuck man I rage hard every time that fuckwit Nomi is on screen and actually champion Fatty’s resolve to smear his ass all over the pavement, which hopefully he or Kuroyukihime does, and speaking of her, way to write her out of most of the second half. Fuck, I mean, we haven’t even gotten her real name yet. I’m dying out here, and two episodes left?

She doesn’t need to compensate for anything, her penis extension ends worlds.

The triple-country contest has begun and Droopy Dog managed to oust Leonmitchelli in a fight by a narrow margin, over a misunderstanding about her love for Cinque. Meanwhile Nanami takes on Brioche, and gets her ass handed to her hard by the strongest fighter in the land, but not before landing the final hit that takes out Brioche’s armor, forcing a draw on the duel. Adult Cinque wrecks Adult Gaul, and Millhiore and Rebecca tangle before double-KO’ing themselves also. Lots of fun, with a couple episodes left, will it be a all-hands finish, or another Big Bad? Also, there better be a third season. Seriously.

That’s all I have for now, I will try to play catch-up this weekend and finish another post, but if not, Saimoe is still running, and Borderlands 2 comes out next week, so fuck your animus guys, I can’t hold all these hobbies~

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