Cross Crash

Three more shows I finished in time for another post, Cross Ange, Absolute Duo, and The Rolling Girls. This is probably what I consider to be the middle-tier of the season, among a couple others I have not completed yet, notably Maria and Food Porn. I’m slowly finishing those up soon. But Cross Ange, woo boy. Let’s lead with that.

Starboard Bow

The premieres of the season continue, and it’s still firing pretty well out of the gate. Here is hoping to momentum. On deck today is Kantai Collection (KanColle), Dog Days”, Rolling☆Girls, Junketsu no Maria, Koufuku Graffiti, and Juuou Mujin no Fafnir.

Last two holdouts are Seiken Tsukai no World Break and Iscua, premiering later in the month. So far, not poised to drop anything, but never say die.

Full disclosure: I haven’t had a chance to snap screenshots of my own for these previews, so I am borrowing some from RandomC, Chizumatic, and Sakuraanimes.