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B.B Hood

Before I start, a note for the saimoe tourney, more results for the first pres can be found here. It's gonna be another Saki year from the looks of it, but Nanoha, Hayate no Gotoku, and other past heavies are also in, as well as new heavies such as [...]

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Tempura and Snowcones

New season get, although only one of the shows I am following this season started this week. Later this week though, Pantsu Witches and whatever else I wrote down. First off, to close the last 13 ep series from spring... Working! Finale consists [...]

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Matrix Beats

Sigh. Let us began. Angel Beats's ending was disappoint. I realize by this point that they pretty much gave us a .hack//SIGN ending and made the whole damn thing sound like one big computer game, but to draw out an entire episode on a [...]

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Light Death Metal

So as we near the end of the spring season and run closer to the summer pantsu witches season, I've found that my choices to watch keep shrinking with each season. Either I am picky, or not a whole lot is coming out these days. I've been filling [...]

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