Much Like Hollywood

popular culture references, in my anime? NO WAI!

I flirted with outright dropping Seitokai, and I’m still flirting with it really. Is really isn’t a question of it being bad, it actually isn’t horrible, but when I described it to my girlfriend a moment ago, I said it was random like Lucky Star, to which she replied “except Lucky Star was badass” which made me think for a moment and reply “Yes, but a peg lower”

Really, it is about right. Seitokai clocks in pretty much with the random school life/slice-of-life that Lucky Star was, except it focuses on members of a student council rather than just students. Problem is, said student council does nothing and most of the episodes revolve around Sugisaki Ken’s dreams of an H-game harem with the four girls, and them beating this shit out of him. The rest is littered with pop-culture references and back references to other anime, Haruhi, Toradora, and Strike Witches. This pretty much plants it in Lucky Star territory of being completely character/episode-driven with no central plot. What little plot the episodes have really is just “The next day/week” ala Azumanga Daioh. As the anime was adapted from the manga I believe, (or as the first episode made mention to) I can only imagine what the manga was like.

I’m up through episode 6, and I’ll probably keep watching, but in my priority queue it’s sitting right above Shugo Chara!! Party! which is at the bottom. But you already knew that. Had there been new Railgun, Kampfer, and Nyan Koi! I would have watched those instead.


Also: Chart has released the first version of the Winter 2010 list. I don’t see anything noteworthy at this point worth mentioning except Katanagatari, which is from the author of Bakemonogatari, which I liked, though the premise is a bit odd. SoRaNoWoTo also sounds somewhat interesting even if it is about music, and Chu-Bra? Wat?

Gonna be an interesting winter. Most of my current lot ends at 13 except Railgun I believe. Still no word on a new Shana or Shana S3, which is disappoint.

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