Summer 09 Wrapup

So between this week and last week, several series finished up airing. Honestly, as someone who barely keeps up with “currently airing” anime it is hard to really sit here like some “professional blogger” and tell you all the ins and outs of each season, since I really don’t pay the fuck attention to fine details like that. Hell I am usually two seasons or even two years behind in anime (see: Hayate no Gotoku, Nanoha).

However I have been watching a few series out recently, and they’ve been pretty enjoyable watches thus far, looking forward to the next seasons of some of them as well.

Shugo Chara!! Doki! honestly ended rather… dull. I know it’s a magical girl series and probably targeted at a younger audience so no real epic rape or battles, but it kinda felt like a huge troll to find out the mystical Embryo that you’ve been hearing for the past one hundred and one episodes is really Easter’s head boss, Hikaru’s egg, that has been waiting for him to accept the damn thing for an umpteen million years. So it was kind of an expected ending, but it left you thinking that something more should have happened. Regardless, getting to see somemore Dia screentime, Amu’s combined Amulet Fortune,  and Ikuto’s Seven Seas Treasure was probably the only real highlights of the last two episodes. If anything, the only real thing I have to say should have been changed, is dropping the whole Nadeshiko actually being a guy thing. Do the twin brother thing still, because his male chara was fine, but that whole business was just awkward.

Doki! Dokki! comes out this October I believe, dunno how it’ll be, but probably more of the same.

tl;dr: Skip the transformation sequences, they get boring after the 90th time, watch the major battles, rage a little at obvious oblivious, and don’t take much of it seriously, it doesn’t even take itself seriously really.

Title: Shugo Chara!! Doki!
Sub Group I Watched: KiraKira
Episodes: 52
Rating (1-10): 7

Saki ended pretty much with generic hot springs fanservice and GOIN’ TO THE NATIONALS, with ending scenes setting up even more characters to probably come into the next season of the series where it will be a MUST PLAY AND BEAT MAH SISTAH SO WE CAN END OUR YET UNTOLD STORY OF WHY WE’RE MAD AT EACH OTHER or something. Not sure when the next season starts, if it will be this October or if they’re waiting until next year, either way, too many damn characters, they already had all 26 or whatever in this year’s SaiMoe, gonna run over 2010 at this rate.

tl;dr: As I’ve said before, lesbians and mahjong. Nodoka makes this series worth it, but Stealth Momo Homo, THE Koromo, and Tacos-chan will make it worth watching also.

Title: Saki
Sub Group I Watched: MakiMaki
Episodes: 25
Rating (1-10): 8

Bakemonogatari there really isn’t much you can say about this one, it started out weird, it ends weird, and it was weird all the way through. Lacking any real central plot and really being all about the various characters and their conditions really makes the ending nothing worth noting in any real sense. I’m not even sure if 12 was the ending or not, MAL hasn’t listed it as over yet, or thinks it will go to 15, I dunno. It’s probably gonna be much like Haruhi 2 and have more episodes made maybe, or another season.

tl;dr: Senjougahara is the only reason to really watch this show. Hell, what she does in the first episode is the only reason to watch this show.

Title: Bakemonogatari
Sub Group I Watched: gg
Episodes: 12
Rating (1-10): 6

As for series coming out this fall, the good anon who runs chartfag.wordpress has an excellent visual on what comes out this fall:

Besides Shugo Chara!!! Doki! Dokki! and Shakugan no Shana S I may also give Nyan Koi!, A Certain Scientific Railgun (based on A Certain Magical Index), Yumeiro Patissiere (sounds a lot like Yakitate Japan, maybe want?), and possibly Kampfer a watch. I thought Shana was an actual series but it seems it may be an OVA or special, so probably a prequel or sidestory. Probably will dig through the lists for past seasons and find something I missed to watch.

You may notice I deleted the last two posts. I’m working up a template for how I want to structure this blog, nothing serious (I don’t do anything seriously now do I?) but I made this up to be sort of a “professional non-professional” review blog, which really means I write informal reviews and probably rage rants about the stuff I liked or stuff I hated. I also want to sneak in some classic reviews on series that have long since aired and aren’t considered new anymore, but since I am usually far behind on anime than some people, those who also don’t pay attention to every tiny detail of anime because they either have real lives or aren’t ASfags might enjoy to learn about something new that I just learned last week that premiered last year. But if all else fails, I just pimp chartfag because I am lazy and that dude has everything under the sun in delicious graphical formats. I on the other hand only have enough graphical capacity to make a ton of fucking SaiMoe2009 shit that probably no one else but me has seen.

Also, if people actually read this shit yet (I know it’s new, durr) if there is a classic series you’ve seen that I might’ve seen that you want put up here, or if you have suggestions of something I should watch, let me know, I’m not up with current trends of anything anime related unless it’s mecha, which I’m probably more up to date with than the rest.. well, maybe moeblob, but then there are so many of those series I’m bound to miss a few. Either way, drop some fucking suggestions. You may also find me lurking /a/ as Delta !vAgwUr71kY or plain old Anonymous, /m/ as Companion Sphere !cLAc5rAVRA or plain old Anonymous, and everywhere else as Anonymous.

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