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More premieres, and more things I keep filling my hopelessly bottomless plate of anime with this season, it is clearly by far one of the busiest seasons I’ve taken on in some time. Inside I have previews for Kakumeki Valvrave, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S, and added to the roster is Hataraku Maou-sama. I will update this post soon with the premiere of Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko which should be sometime tomorrow. Fourteen shows. Fifteen if you count Space Bros. Surprisingly I am keeping track of all of these.


Face down ass up that's the way we like to OH GOD ELECTROMASTER
~/o and I’m freeeeee, freee-falling– ~/o

Among the twitterbros I converse with and some other pockets of the fandom I bother communicating with, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S gets a mixed reception. When the first Railgun spinoff aired in Fall 2009, I quipped mostly about its connection to Index. The Raildex universe is one of my favorite universes in theoreticals, that being that based on what I’ve read in the LNs and seen in the animes, there is just so much I feel could be done in the universe, even if they don’t base it on the source material. Railgun S does just that, it’s based on the manga which was a spinoff story from the books, and it goes into more depth behind the Level 6 Accelerator project and The Misaka Sisters. I have no shame in saying Misaka is one of my favorite characters in the Raildex universe, and it will be loads of fun to watch her antics along with Kuroko, Uiharu, and Saten. Don’t forget TouMAN and everyone else who might appear from the Index side. Despite its lackluster performance in its last run, I’m hoping this series gives us a little more bang for the buck. If anything, the fuckwin awesome OP will do just fine for now. Though fripside’s last OP was probably better.

TLDR Watch This: ONEE-SAMA, the Sisters, ACCELERATOR, and Kuroko
TLDR Don’t Watch This: Lack of Index, not enough TouMAN, whatever else
Sub Group: UTW-Mazui
First Rating: 8

This would be what Twitter would be like if Felicia Day piloted a giant robot.
Save the world, get bitches

Ah, Sunrise. It’s always good to know that even in a non-Gundam series, you still see fit to recycle all of the old themes we know and love. Kakumeiki Valvrave sets up the exact same way as SEED, two powers fighting, one power neutral on the side. School children, infiltrators, secret mobile suit development, ends up in the MC’s hands, he owns face by accident. Where they deviate from SEED is the MC watches his friend “die” before his eyes, spurning him to pilot the suit. If she actually stays dead or not is still up in the air, but he piloted the suit. He saved the day. He now has a million Twitter followers. That happened. But at the very end after the credits, well, for those who have not seen it, I’ll keep it a surprise, but this might be the game changer. Or not. We’ll see. For a Sunrise original, this better not suck. The OP is pretty boss though.

TLDR Watch This: You love being introduced to twelve minor characters at once, giant robots, space tits
TLDR Don’t Watch This: You don’t have any Twitter followers and will never pilot a giant robot to save the world ;_;
Sub Group: gg (Valvrave the Liberator? You sure live up to your reputation, don’t you?)
First Rating: 8

Short girls with big tits are the best.
God Bless Fake-McDonalds Growth Horomones!

I saw some Twitter chatter about this last night and last week but didn’t comprehend what I was missing until someone mentioned “little girl big tits” in a combination of other words. I then realized that I must be missing something good, and sure enough, I was missing a potential gold mine. Maybe. Hataraku Maou-sama is the story of the Devil, known as Maou Sadao, drifting from his world to modern-day Japan along with his cohort Ashiya Shirou. Winding up stranded with no way to return, they adopt those names for themselves and proceed to live as Japanese, taking jobs and trying to survive on little pay. However Hero Emila, from the same world, followed them to Japan to finish the deed, only to wind up similarly stuck and unable to use magic or return, and goes by Yusa Emi. Together they all form somewhat of a truce until they can figure out how to get back.

Being based on the manga, I of course will be hitting that up ASAP on the internets to get up to speed, but it looks like a very refreshing look at the fantasy-cross-world niche of anime that Zero no Tsukaima and many others brought alive. But with some minor fanservice early on, along with cute-and-tsundere service two-for-one, chances are most of you will find some entertainment value in all of this. I might.

TLDR Watch This: Burger Tits, Angels and Demons flipping burgers and troubleshooting cell phones
TLDR Don’t Watch This: You are Vegan
Sub Group: Commie
First Rating: 8


Finally, although this occurred late last week, it wasn’t until a couple days ago we got word that Zero no Tsukaima author Noboru Yamaguchi passed away from his fight with cancer. ZnT was one of my favorite series, and like Railgun, one of my favorite universes. He planned to author 22 volumes of the light novel, but it wasn’t specified if he finished the 21st and 22nd before his passing, with the 20th coming out recently when the last season of the anime premiered. I always said that I sort of wished they made a season where the roles were reversed, Louise ends up in Japan with Saito and whomever he knew on his side, but the adventures in Tristain were the sort of stuff that echoed why people enjoy Harry Potter, that fantasy-meets-sorcery-with-regular-people sort of thing. It was great. If JC STAFF plans on making more (which I’m assuming they will not), I hope they will keep the universe as he wanted it to.

Hentai Ouji tomorrow hopefully, and then we do it again next week. Already saw the second episode of Aku No Hana. Let’s just say… well… pictures explain it better…

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