Ghost Zombie Virtual Assault Rifles

So the new season is upon us, and so far it’s looking pretty fly for a weeaboo-guy, so let’s not waste any time and get to what you came here for.

Ghost pranks are always a good time

In case you found Another to be super serial, Silver Link is putting out a ghost story that seems to be taking a lighter approach to it. Tasogare Otome x Amnesia stars Teiichi Niiya as a middle-school student at Seikyou Private School who encounters Yuuko Kanoe, a mysterious girl with black hair. Only she can only be seen by him, meaning she is a ghost, and dead. Along with the energetic Momoe Okonogi and Kirie Kanoe the four embark on various school mysteries and trying to solve the mystery of how she died.

It looks pretty good, and has some fun moments, which makes me think it’s going to offer some lighter fare compared to what you might expect. Regardless, it’s just fun to see Yuuko fuck with Momoe.

TLDR Watch This: Ghost Tsundere
TLDR Don’t Watch This: Clueless Momoe
Sub Group: UTW-Underwater
First Rating: 8

Top Shot: Serious Moe
I don't know where she pulls this gun from, but god it's hot

When I first read the description for Upotte! I thought of Strike Witches meets Soul Eater, in some bizarre “we turn into guns.. tee-hee!” world. But it looks more like A Channel meets Top Shot (or maybe closer to Top Guns if you watch H2). A regular teacher transfers into Seishou Academy, where anthropomorphic gun-girls attend school and shoot.. guns, or themselves? I dunno. Four girls, from America, Britain, Germany, and Switzerland, are named after their respective guns, but go by nicknames as well. FNC, or “Funko” is a Belgium-made assault rifle who comes across the new teacher at a festival and sends an unwanted shot of her thong to him on the steps of a shrine. Thus when he arrives at the school and accidentally called her “thong girl” she shoots at him, putting him in the hospital.

My gun show can’t be this moe. That’s all I have to say for now.

TLDR Watch This: Girls shooting guns
TLDR Don’t Watch This: ‘Murrica jokes as seen through Ichiroku
Sub Group: Horrible
First Rating: 7

She's willing to die for you. Isn't that cute?
At least you don't have to take responsbility for her child...

As if you weren’t having fun with KOREAN ZOMBIE DESKCAR TWO, Studio DEEN is offering you an alternative, Sankarea is the story of Chihiro Furuya’s obsession with zombies, so much that when his pet cat Babu is hit and killed by a car, he attempts to revive it into a zombie using an old notebook he came across. During that time, he spots Rea Sanka shouting into a well about her father. They meet by chance and he details his plan to revive his cat to her. She takes an interest in him, but he proudly states that he is only interested in zombie girls. She then asks what he would think if she became a zombie herself…

So zombies are now moe? That’s what this is about? Is Spring the season of moe in Japan? My animes can’t be this living dead girl.

TLDR Watch This: Zombie Saten
TLDR Don’t Watch This: Zombie Cats
Sub Group: Hatsuyuki
First Rating: 8

Only lover hard link. Aww yeah baby.
You've triggered my VIRTUAL TRAP CARD

Sunrise’s latest attempt to make a show that doesn’t suck as badly as Sacred Seven, brings you Accel World, a show about a short porky kid named Haruyuki Arita who lives as a social outcast in an incredibly connected world. Always being bullied, he retreats to the virtual world where he aims to be the best virtual squash player. One day his score is toppled by “Snow Black” or Kuroyukihime known in the school for being a beautiful influential girl. She sends him a program to install that gives him access to the “Accel World” a world promised to change his life forever.

Piggy wiggly, it’s an interesting premise, and I’m sold so far, but again, Sacred Seven started out good, then Blossom ruined the show. So I’m going to remain skeptical until proven otherwise.

TLDR Don’t Watch This: Pigs
Sub Group: Commmie
First Rating: 8

Unfortunately not silent
Alternate Universe Gordon Freeman

Remember my lovecraft? No? Well Haiyore! Nyaruko-san will jog your memory in the form of Nyarlathotep, a Cthulhu deity sent to Earth to defeat monsters targeting Mahiro Yasaka. Hilarity and hijinks ensue. Frankly, this is a show I wouldn’t put much stock in as far as story goes, but it should be some LOL SO RANDOM fun.

TLDR Watch This: Cthulhu
TLDR Don’t Watch This: Moe Cthulhu
Sub Group: Horrible
First Rating: 7

Serious laser pointer action
'Buy me another Dyson Fan, tonight we do TROLL PHYSICS'

Are you excited for another season of KOREAN ZOMBIE DESKCAR No? Fuck you, we’re doing it anyway. If you were around for the last season, you know what’s going to happen. If you weren’t, fuck no I am not explaining it again, go watch it, you sod.

TLDR Don’t Watch This: Ugly Cross-Dressing Ayumu
Sub Group: Commie
First Rating: 7

I mean, seriously now, childhood friend, and you can't hit that shit?
Don't you look away, you dumb face looking male tsundere

Gainax. It’s so hard to predict what they will do, if it will be a normal anime, or Panty and Stocking. Medaka Box however stars Medaka Kurokami, the Jersey Club Madoka equivalent Student Council President of Hakoniwa Academy who winning 98% of the vote assumes the office of every role in Student Council with the goal of helping anyone and everyone in need. Her childhood friend, Zenkichi Hitoyoshi, ends up folded into her crazy ambitions by virtue of his need to protect her.

If you think this is going to be a regular school anime, you’re asking the wrong company. Based on some readings, I expect this to be something similar to Tengo Tenje in terms of story, but probably Ookami-san in terms of characters. We’ll see.

TLDR Watch This: Student countil Presidents
TLDR Don’t Watch This: Zenkichi’s ugly mug
Sub Group: SubDESU
First Rating: 7

Good to know Cow Tits was still a thing years ago
Where else, Little Nodoka?

For those who remember Saki, you remember girls playing MAHJONG, and how surprisingly fun it was to watch ACTION MAHJONG or something like that. Saki: Achiga-hen Episode of Side A explores the story of Achiga Girls’ Academy and how they used to be a force in the mahjong world until their star player lost and the club disbanded. Six years later, Shizuno Takakamo befriends Nodoka Haramura who transfers into her elementary school and they both play mahjong with Achiga’s former star player, Harue Akado. But with no formal club still existing for Achiga, Nodoka transfers away with her family and Ako Atarashi decides to pursue entering Bansai High School to join its club. Years later, Shizuno would see Nodoka on TV in the middle-school finals, and sought to re-establish the Achiga team to compete once more.

It’s one part Nodoka, one part “getting the band back together” only there will be no chicken or toast. Saki is all about mahjong, so folks not interested in what essentially amounts to SPORTS ANIME might wanna skip this, but if you saw Saki originally, it was very well thought out even for what it was, so this should be very fun to watch.

TLDR Watch This: MAHJONG, Nodoka tits
TLDR Don’t Watch This: Any mention of Saki’s sister
Sub Group: Underwater-Mahjong
First Rating: 8

That’s all I have for now. Mirai Nikki will be ending this week, Gundam AGE may be wrapping up AGE-2 soon as well, and Moretsu Pirates sails on. So stay tuned for more fun, as I am sure to add some solo reviews soon, and maybe re-visit some old favorites.

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